RRRC’s Not Quite a Tournament Challenge

 RRRC’s Not Quite a Tournament Challenge
 May 1 – Jun 30

The goal is simple. There are 5 categories of books below. For each full-cycle you finish (5 books, 1 from each category), you get 5 points. You can read the categories in any order, and even read more than one book from each category. BUT you can’t claim any points until you complete a full-cycle . The winner of the challenge will be the person with the highest number of completed cycles at the end of the 2 month period.

The theme for this challenge (2 months) is Fire and the categories are below.

Theme: Fire
1. Hina's Category - Read a book where a character fights/investigates fire.
2. Sassafrass's Category - Read a book with Fire or Smoke on the cover (post cover)
3. Nikita's Category - Pick a book with a hot couple on the cover. (post cover)
4. JoJo's Category - Read a book with something that will extinguish a fire/flame - it can be on the cover or in the title (eg. rain/wind/water/fire extinguisher) (post cover - if needed)
5. Katie’s Category - Read a book whose author's initials can be found in the words INFERNO/BLAZE/FLAME (the letters can come from any word - so Z.A. Maxfield would work - ZA in Blaze and M in Flame)

1.  A Time For Us - Amy Knupp (HS #1855 - June 2013) (firefighter) - June 1
2.  A Daddy for Dillon - Stella Bagwell (HSE #2260 - May 2013) (campfire) - May 28
4. April Showers - Holly Jacobs (HS #1852 - May 2013) (rain) - May 2

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