Scotland Reading Challenge for 2013

2013 Reading Scotland Challenge

January 1, 2013 - November 30, 2013

(From the original challenge page)
Wondering if there are other readers, beside myself, who would be interested in a Challenge to read anything Scottish this year?  I have found a number of Scottish authors whose writings I’m keen to pursue, along with Scottish settings and storylines that keep pulling my attention in their direction.
Interested?  Here’s your opportunity to join the adventure!

Create your own public post of participation at Goodreads, on FB, Pinterest, etc.  If you post it later as a page, it will be easier to find for updating.  Link to your post/page in the comments below.  Not a blogger?  Post your involvement in comments
by Nov 1st 2013.

The more genres we explore the richer our experience.  Poetry, history, biography, memoir, essays, fiction, ya children’s, contemporary, mystery, romance, fantasy, spiritual, time travel, photography, recipebooks.. Whatever involves Scotland, whether author, location, subject, is on target.

Then determine your level of involvement  ~
Bairn at 1 – 3 books
Lass at 4 - 7
Laird at 8 - 11
Queen of Scots at 12 +

1.  The Key - Lynsay Sands (Avon - Dec 2012) - Jan 14 - Scottish Highlands


  1. Welcome to the Challenge, Susan!
    Delighted to find your note at Faith Hope & Cherrytea & to find this lovely page presentation. You're well along to completing the Bairn level on your way to the Queen of Scots!
    Great to see your interest in reading Scotland,
    and most pleased to have you joining us!!

    1. Thank you. I'm looking forward to this one. I love reading stories that take place in Scotland. My husband and I are hoping to visit there next year. We went to Ireland a few years ago and loved it there too.

  2. Checking if you're on twitter, Susan, and what your @ name is if you are..
    I tweeted your link to this page , using #READINGSCOTLAND as the way for us readers to connect and keep updated.

    I also added a couple free ereads offered today. If you're not on it that's ok. Just making social media work for us =))

    Having lived in Scotland twice for 3 mon stretches, I can only cheer you on in your plans for next year !! Then all these reads will sooo come to life as you'll recognize descriptions and locations that are now personalized for you.. EnJoY !!

    1. I don't twitter. I spend enough time on facebook that takes away from my reading time. Twitter would probably kill it all together!

  3. no worries about the twitter :)
    Great to see you've completed the Bairn level and onto being a Scottish 'Lass' :)

    I do have a new Scotland Reading Challenge location for connecting at Goodreads. Would love to have you join us there and add your comments and reviews to the discussions of reading Scottish books! HERE's the LINK

    and Welcome!!