Monday, June 24, 2013

Unwrapped - Erin McCarthy, Donna Kauffman, Kate Angell (Kensington - Oct 2012)

From the streets of Chicago to the back roads of Kentucky to the wild dunes of a Scottish isle, mistletoe and mischief are this season's hottest gifts...

Blue Christmas - Erin McCarthy
While a blizzard blankets the world outside, Blue Farrow burrows into the arms of her highway hunk at the No Tell Motel. The road might be closed for dangerous conditions, but the couple navigates their own Kentucky Christmas curves. Nice and oh-so-naughty, Blue and her man open up to each other as they keep the Yule log burning.

Definitely a fun story.  Blue is on the way to Miami for a cruise when she gets caught in a blizzard.  She is rescued by Christian and they get snowed in.  Blue is a slightly snarky free spirit who hates Christmas because of a crappy childhood.  Christian is a laid back, cheerful toy engineer who loves Christmas and everything to do with it.   Blue finds herself opening up to Christian in ways she never had with anyone else, but really expects that things will end badly the way they always do for her.  Christian finds her immensely amusing and appealing and would really like to get to know her even better.  I loved the way that he listened to her when she talked about her past and didn't try to blow her off as whiney.  He had a lot of fun fulfilling some of the dreams she'd had as a kid.  By the time the blizzard was over Blue had to decide if she was willing to take a chance on Christian and a future.  I really loved the ending of the story.

Santa in a Kilt - Donna Kauffman
The wind-whipped December sands of the isle of Kinloch invigorate Kira McLeod as she sets out to tame rugged Shay Callaghan, a Scottish bachelor as wary of a wedding ring as a snowman is of the hot sun. It'll take all the wiles of the canny islanders to weave a perfect Celtic Christmas for all....

Good story.  Shay is a lawyer who specializes in divorce cases.  As a result he sees the worst of what can happen to a relationship and has sworn that he will not succumb to one himself.  The difficulty is that he has been attracted to Kira for awhile and knows that she isn't the fling type of woman.  When the attraction becomes mutual and overwhelming Shay's thoughts begin to contemplate the future but he is still scared of what could happen.  I loved Kira's acceptance of his feelings and the way she was able to wait so patiently for him to come to terms with his love for her and what it means to him.

Snow Angel - Kate Angell
Snowed under in Chicago, free spirit Allie is trapped in Dutton's department store on Christmas Eve when the lights go off and the holiday romance heats up. Our snow angel finds herself face to face with the dashing Aiden, the heir to the retail riches and her host for a night of winter wonder...

Trapped in Dutton's department store by a Christmas Eve blizzard, Allie came face to face with Aiden, the man she'd had one incredible night with three years earlier.  Scared by the intensity of her feelings for him, she left while he was sleeping and before she found out his name.  Now he wants to know why and to get to know her better.  He still hasn't told her who he is, as he likes the idea of her learning about the real man, not the store owner.  Allie is trying to cope with her feelings and overcome the issues that sent her running in the first place.  I loved the other people who were trapped in the store with them and the way that Aiden took care of them all.  

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