Thursday, June 13, 2013

Undercover Texas - Robin Perini (HI #1430 - June 2013)

"His most important mission brought him to Texas--and reunited him with the son he never met..."
Black ops soldier Hunter Graham knew the rules: no family, no friends, no life outside the mission. But he never anticipated a woman like Erin Jamison. Two years ago, after a mission gone wrong, he met the brilliant scientist and they shared a week of passion before he vanished back into his secret life. Now, with Erin and their son the targets of an international terrorist plot, Hunter will go against his better judgment and break every agency rule to save the family he never knew he wanted. Coming out of hiding carries consequences far beyond this assignment, but he'll do anything to keep them safe--including kidnapping them....

Good book with lots of action.  Hunter had fallen hard for Erin two years ago, but with his job he couldn't risk having a family.  When he found out she was pregnant he worked to keep an eye on her and his son to make sure they were safe.  When he discovers that they are the focus of a terrorist plot he knows he has to save them.  Unfortunately Erin wants nothing to do with the man who lied to her.

I liked Hunter a lot.  He tried very hard to do the right thing and keep Erin and his son safe.  He felt terribly guilty about the lies he had told her but he didn't want to risk her becoming a hostage because of him.  I liked the way that he really appreciated her intelligence and didn't consider her weird or anything like that.  During that week they spent together he also learned about the project she was working on.  He tried to convince her that it was dangerous for her but she laughed him off.  Two years later that project put her in the crosshairs.  When he went to her to tell her the danger she didn't believe him until they were attacked.  I loved the way that he was able to think on the run and come up with plans to get them away.  He was frustrated by the way that they bad guys always seemed to know exactly where they were.  He was also still in love with Erin and still determined to get her and Brandon to safety and then disappear again.  I loved the way that being with Brandon even for just a little while meant so much to him.  I could really see the depth of his emotions even as he tried to hide them.

Erin was a terrific mother and a brilliant scientist.  Because of her intelligence she had spent most of her life in an academic world and had little to no social knowledge.  Her encounter with Hunter gave her a taste of what she thought was a normal life until he disappeared.  When he showed up again with a wild story about her being in danger she didn't buy it - until they were attacked and had to go on the run.  She still didn't believe that it was her medical research that had put her in danger.  I thought that for such an intelligent woman she was pretty stupid for not realizing the harm that her work could do in the wrong hands.  As the days went on she began to see just what Hunter had been trying to tell her.  She also realized that she was still in love with him and she wanted to do everything she could to be able to stay with him and have a future together.  The identity of the bad guy was a bit of a twist.  It was one of the two people I thought it might be but the reason behind it was a surprise.

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