Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Lassoed Into Marriage - Christine Wenger (HSE #2268 - June 2013)

Series: Gold Buckle Cowboys (Book 3)


When pilot Lisa Phillips was named coguardian of her niece she did everything by the book: clipped her wings, took cooking classes and settled down to be a stand-in mom. But she hadn't planned on playing house with her "frenemy"-free-wheeling rodeo rider and good-time cowboy Brett Sullivan.

Sully stared down one-ton bulls on a daily basis, but a three-year-old girl struck terror into his heart. And so did the type A "Ice Queen" Lisa. She was too tempting...too dangerous. More than anything Sully wanted to melt her heart...and for the first time he wanted what he couldn't have-a real family with her and their little girl.

Good book.  Lisa and Sully were total opposites but had to find a way to work together to care for their niece Rose.  One thing they had in common is a footloose lifestyle.  Lisa is an airline pilot who has an apartment she barely uses.  Sully is a bull rider who lives out of his motorhome while traveling from rodeo to rodeo.  They both agree that they have to make some changes to give Rose the home she needs.  They also have to get over their dislike of each other, which turns out to be a lot easier than they expected.

Lisa and her sister were raised in a commune by their hippie parents.  Lisa had hated the unstructured lifestyle and compensated by rules and goals for herself until she could get out on her own.  When her sister married Sully's brother she was disgusted by his playboy ways.  It seemed that whenever she saw him he was partying hard and flitting from woman to woman.  When they became coguardians for Rose she had to find a way to work with him.  She had very definite ideas of what she wanted for Rose and Sully had his own ideas.  Also, as they spent more than just a few hours together, she could no longer deny her attraction to him.  I really liked seeing Lisa start to loosen up and enjoy the new things she was experiencing.  She discovered that she had misjudged Sully over many things and started to fall for the man she was beginning to know.

Sully's dad is retired military and had always been very strict with Sully and his brother.  Rick had managed okay, but Sully had rebelled early and often.  He loved his life as a bull rider and traveling from rodeo to rodeo.  Becoming a father to little Rose terrified him but he was determined to do his best.  Thanks to his strict upbringing, Sully tends to be laid back in his attitudes toward almost everything.  Lisa's insistence on rules and schedules drives him nuts and her really wants to get her to loosen up a bit.  I really loved the way he introduced her to his rodeo friends and showed her how wrong her preconceived ideas were.  I also liked the way that once he started to get to know her his feelings changed and grew. 

This was definitely a story of compromises and learning to let go of old prejudices.  I loved the way that both Lisa and Sully learned that there was more to the other one than they had thought.  Both got to experience new things thanks to the other one and their lives were changed because of it.

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