Monday, June 17, 2013

The Santana Heir - Elizabeth Lane (HD # 2241 - July 2013)

Series: Billionaires and Babies

""I'm Trying to Be Honorable, Grace. I Advise You Not to Push Me.""
He has money, power and a blood connection. How on earth did Grace Chandler think she could fight Emilio Santana for custody of her stepsister's baby? As Emilio's orphaned nephew, the boy is, after all, the last Santana heir.

Grace isn't about to let the child travel overseas without her and accepts the billionaire's offer to act as nanny. Soon they are in a more...comfortable relationship than either had imagined. There is definite passion pulsing between them, but desire without trust is a dangerous mix....

Good book.  After the death of his brother Emilio discovers that he had a son living in Arizona with his aunt.  Emilio felt it was important that the little boy be raised as a Santana so he went to Arizona to take custody of the little boy.  When he arrived there he realized that he couldn't just take Zac away from Grace and offered her the opportunity to come with him and be part of Zac's life.  The attraction he feels for her adds to his desire to have her there.

I liked Emilio.  He came across at first as not so nice, telling Grace she couldn't win in a custody battle.  It soon became obvious that he really wanted her to come along and not just because of his attraction to her.  He realized that he had no idea how to be a father and didn't want to mess things up the way that his parents had.  I found his nervousness around Zac to be pretty sweet.  It took him awhile but I loved seeing the way he really wanted to be a better father.  His attraction to Grace was something he really wanted to pursue, but he was also a little worried about what would happen when it ended.  He had never had a relationship last so didn't have any expectation that this one would.  He didn't expect to find himself wanting more than just sex, but soon realized that his feelings for Grace were different than anything he'd had before.  I also liked the way that he showed some real growth going from "The Peruvian Playboy" to a man who was comfortable as the head of his businesses and a husband and father.

Grace had started taking care of Zac from the moment he was born and her stepsister had died.  She was fully invested in being the best mother she could and had already started adoption proceedings when Emilio showed up.  She knew she couldn't win against him but wasn't going to give up on being part of Zac's life.  She wasn't happy about the attraction between her and Emilio and made it clear that she didn't want that to affect her stay there.  It quickly became obvious that she wasn't going to be able to resist him.  Grace had some serious issues with being able to trust Emilio having been burned once in a relationship.  I liked the way that she was determined to teach him how to be a real father to Zac, not just one who was there occasionally.  She soon saw that his issues were more about not having confidence in what he was doing rather than not wanting to do it.  It wasn't long before she realized that she had fallen in love with him. There was an interesting twist at the end that separated them for awhile, but Emilio came through in the end.

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