Sunday, June 23, 2013

A Jackson Hole Homecoming - Cindy Kirk (HSE #2267 - June 2013)

Series: Rx for Love (Book 9)


From the moment teenagers Adrianna Lee and Tripp Randall locked eyes, she knew they were soul mates. Now, fifteen years later, Anna's teenage dream is coming true: they're holding hands. They're going to the movies. They're even kissing! Too bad it's a complete charade that ends in thirty days.

When Anna agrees to be best friend Tripp's pretend girlfriend, she knows it's to comfort his ailing father, who yearns to see his son happily settled. Besides, Tripp is still grieving for his late wife. But his touch is so electrifying and his kisses are so...convincing. Anna has loved Tripp for such a long time. Is it possible that one month will be enough to open her soul mate's eyes to true love? 

Good book.  Anna had loved Tripp since they were teenagers but she saw him marry her friend Gayle instead.  They moved away from Jackson Hole as Tripp started his career in hospital management.  Now Tripp is back and still recovering from Gayle's death.  They have continued their friendship though Anna would really like it to become more.  Tripp's parents really want him to settle down and see his friendship with Anna as a stepping stone.  With Tripp's dad fighting cancer, he asks Anna to pretend to be his girlfriend for awhile in order to give his dad some motivation to fight.

Anna was reluctant to participate in the deception at first, not liking the idea of lying to their friends and families.  But she also wants to be there for him so she goes along with it.  While she is quite aware of her feelings for Tripp she is sure that he only feels friendship toward her - until his pretend kisses and touches start to feel real.  Then she starts to dream about a future where they are together.  Anna had a bit of a hard time with her relationship with Tripp.  She loved him but felt that he was not truly interested in her, until things started to heat up.  She was hopeful, but also confused because he seemed to blow hot and cold.  This led her to believe that he might care for her but that Gayle would always hold first place in his heart.  As much as she loved him I really liked it when she told him that she deserved more and broke things off with him.  

Tripp was very glad to be back in Jackson Hole.  He had missed his hometown while he was gone but Gayle had not wanted to move back.  After her death he had renewed his friendship with Anna, which had faded while he was married because Gayle was jealous.  Now he finds that he enjoys spending time with her and is seeing her as more than a friend.  This makes him feel guilty, as if Gayle had been right in her accusations, even though he hadn't thought of Anna that way while he was married.  After he asked Anna's help with the whole girlfriend thing he discovered that he wanted to make it real.  Unfortunately he also found that those guilty feelings would pop up at inconvenient times causing him to pull back from Anna.  I felt really bad for Tripp because he seemed to be in a no-win situation, at least in his own mind.  He was also afraid of the strength of his feelings for Anna and that he would be even more devastated if something happened to her.  He had to get past the fear and realize that being together was more important.  I loved his big scene at the end -- so romantic!

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