Monday, June 17, 2013

A Baby Between Friends - Kathie DeNosky (HD #2242 - July 2013)

Series: The Good the Bad and the Texan (Book 2)

"What Are Best Friends For?"
More than anything, Summer Patterson wants a baby. What she doesn't want is a husband. Thankfully, her best friend, Ryder McClain, makes the perfect sperm donor. Ryder is loyal, undeniably sexy and the one man she trusts--the only reason she agrees to conceive their baby naturally.

When baby-making nights with Summer blaze like the West Texas sun, Ryder feels the heat. He never expected Summer to say yes to sharing his bed. Now he's falling for her--and the prospect of fatherhood--while hiding a secret that could destroy her faith in him forever.

Very good book.   I like friends to lovers stories and this one was pretty sweet.  Summer and Ryder have been friends for several years and she is very comfortable with him.  She doesn't think she will ever marry but she wants a child of her own, so she asks Ryder to help her out.  Ryder is surprised but ends up willing to do it.  Neither one expects their friendship to heat up to something more.

I liked both Summer and Ryder.  Summer had been alone for several years after the deaths of her parents.  She wants a family of her own but because of an incident in her past feels that she will never be able to marry.  She has given it a great deal of thought and asks Ryder to be the donor for her to have that baby.  She is surprised by his conditions but is willing to try it his way.  She is nervous about the physical intimacy but discovers that she welcomes it from Ryder.  Her feelings for Ryder start to change from friendship to love but she's afraid that he will never feel anything but friendship for her.  I really enjoyed seeing the way that Summer was able to overcome her past with Ryder's help.  I also liked the way that she had the courage to go to Ryder at the end and show him that he was always the man she thought he was in spite of his own past. 

Ryder had been friends with Summer for several years.  Suddenly he started seeing her as more than just a friend, and it was freaking him out a bit.  When she came to him with her plan, his first reaction was to turn her down flat, but he didn't want to hurt her feelings either.  So he came up with the idea to require that it be done naturally.  He was stunned when she agreed and wasn't quite sure how to deal with it.  When he found out about what had happened to her I loved his reaction.  I especially loved the way that he was so determined to help her overcome her fears.  His total control over himself and his willingness to let her set the pace were just what she needed.  His feelings for her were growing stronger but he felt he didn't deserve the high regard she had for him.  When his past rises up to haunt him he breaks things off with her and tries to hide from his feelings.  I loved the intervention by his brothers and how they tried to make him see sense.  But the best part was when Summer came to confront him and showed him that he had nothing to fear.

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