December Monthly Challenge

2013 December Monthly Challenge

1.'D' is for December: Read a book that starts with 'D' or a book whose author's first or last name starts with 'D'.

2. Member of the Month: Carolyn F.- Carolyn has been a member of the RRRC since February 2010. Here is the link to Carolyn F.'s shelves- . Please read a book from any of Carolyn's shelves or a book published in 2010 or a book published in the month of February of any year.

3. Geography: Read a book whose author, character or setting is from New Mexico.

Facts about New Mexico:
Nickname: Land of Enchantment
Has the second highest percentage and 4th highest total number of Native Americans of any state in the US.
Is well known for an extensive artistic community and large number of museums, art festivals, and performing arts venues and events.
So, you may also read a book in which someone is enchanted or casts spells, includes a Native American character, or has a character or plot somehow involving the arts.

4. Dec. 7 - Pearl Harbor Day: Read a book with a wartime setting or with a military or paramilitary character, OR a book with a pearl or pearls in the title, storyline, author or character's name, or on the cover.

5. Dec. 8 - International Children's Day: Read a book with a child in the storyline, or a children's or YA book.

6. Dec. 8 - Take it in the Ear Day: Read a book with an ear or part of an ear visible on the cover, or with the word 'ear' found anywhere in the title (Ex: heart, Earl, search, etc.), or listen to an audiobook.

7. Dec 19 - Look for an Evergreen Day: Read a book in which a significant part of the story involves the outdoors, has a tree on cover, or has a primarily green cover.

8. Dec 21/22 - Solstice (Longest/Shortest day of the year): Read a short book (under 200 pages) or a long book (over 500 pages)

9. Dec 25 - Christmas Day: Read a book in which a holiday is celebrated or that has a holiday theme/setting.

10. Reader's Choice: Read any book of your choice.

5.  The Texas Christmas Gift - Cathy Gillen Thacker (HAR #1477 - Dec 2013) (child) - Dec 1

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