Wednesday, October 2, 2013

A Weaver Beginning - Allison Leigh (HSE #2288 - Oct 2013)

Series: Return to the Double C (Book 8)

Small town deputy Sloan McCray was making amends for his past. They called him a hero but only he had to live with the difficult choices he'd made. And he certainly wasn't prepared to fall in love again, not even with his beautiful -- and innocent -- new neighbor, whose very presence was a balm to his troubled soul.

There was no doubt in Abby Marcum's mind that Sloan was the guy for her. Though she'd moved to Weaver, Wyoming, to make a better life for her little brother, she saw her future with Sloan. Now she had to convince the man who felt unworthy of love that she, and her heart, were his for the asking…. 

Good book.  Abby has come to Weaver to be the new school nurse.  It also gives her a chance to make a better life for herself and her seven year old brother.  As she is moving in to her new house she meets next door neighbor Sloan who comes over to shovel her driveway.  She's wary of him at first but also very attracted to him.  Sloan is drawn to her also, but tries to resist.  

I really liked Abby.  She hasn't had things easy in her life.  She was raised by her grandparents when her mom dumped her with them and split.  A few years ago mom showed up again and dumped Abby's half brother Dillon with them.  Her grandfather passed away two years ago and her grandmother has Alzheimer's and had to be put in a care facility. Now she is sole caretaker of her little brother and worries that she's not up to the job.  She has taken the school nurse job in Weaver so that she is on the same schedule he is.  When she meets Sloan she is nervous at first until she finds out who he is.  Then she relaxes as she considers him to be a hero.  She also notices an intense attraction to him.  Even though his kisses are fantastic, he tells her that he's no good for her and can't make any promises.  She sees how good he is with Dillon and how much he loves his sister and knows that there is more good in him than he thinks there is.  I really loved the way that Abby knows that Sloan is the man for her and is willing to be patient.  There is one scene where she is the one providing comfort to him that shows just how much she cares.  Her patience is tested at one point as he fights the demons of his past and she doesn't know if she'll ever see him again.

Sloan spent years deep undercover with a gang when he was with the ATF.  During that time he did things and saw things that haunt him, including losing someone he cared about.  When he left the ATF he moved to Weaver to be near his sister, but didn't know if he could handle staying in one place.  He's working as a deputy sheriff and enjoying the work but still dealing with his memories.  When he met Abby her sweetness calmed some of the misery he felt, but his attraction to her worried him.  Because of his past he feels that he's not worthy of anyone's love, much less someone like her.  He had a bad habit of giving in to his growing feelings and then pulling back, but it was getting harder for him to do so.  I also loved how good he was with Dillon.  Some of the things he did showed how great he would be as a father if he would just let himself care.  His hero status only went up with Abby and Dillon when he rescued them from an angry parent.  When his past calls him away from Weaver he realizes he has some choices to make.

I also loved some of the secondary characters.  Abby's brother Dillon was well done ax a seven year old.  He acted very much in character for his age.  I loved the way he would say some things that were true but inappropriate at the time.  I also loved seeing characters from other books and the impact they have, especially on Sloan.

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