Tuesday, October 1, 2013

The Mighty Quinns: Rourke - Kate Hoffmann (HB #768 - Oct 2013)

Series: Mighty Quinns (Book 24)

Her hero. Her savior. And her undoing. Rourke Quinn found her on the storm-tossed shores of Cape Breton. The woman in his arms was unconscious and bleeding. And Rourke knew her. Annie MacIntosh was the town outcast--a wild thing. And as untamed and beautiful as the Atlantic itself. This storm was just the thing to keep Rourke as close to her as he dared.... 

Annie grew up fiercely independent. She was a survivor, needing no one and nothing. She cut herself off from the town and society, relying only on her raw need for survival. But Rourke unleashes a hunger she never knew existed. This man--this stranger--satiates an appetite she hardly dared imagine. It's more exciting and more turbulent than that storm that rages outside. And Rourke has only one chance with the wild girl he can't live without...before losing her to a world he can never be part of...

Good book.  Rourke has been on the island to fix up a house he inherited from his uncle.  He isn't sure whether he'll keep it or sell it yet.  On the day he's ready to leave he sees Annie, a woman he knew when they were younger.  She lives alone near a lighthouse and he worries that she's not ready for the storm that's coming in.  When he goes to check on her he finds her on the shore, unconscious and carries her to safety.  When she comes to, they discover they have an intense attraction to each other.  Annie is very independent and refuses to depend on anyone but she's also ready to indulge herself with Rourke.

Annie had grown up on the island.  As a girl she had a terrible stutter that made her a target for bullies.  One day a visiting Rourke saved her from their tormenting, making him a hero in her eyes.  Over the years he stayed there in her fantasies.  Now she is very much a loner, living in her cottage without electricity or any modern conveniences.  She avoids the townspeople feeling that they look down on her because of her parents (mom was bipolar and committed suicide, father may have also).  When Rourke rescues her again she is surprised by the strength of her attraction to him.  She invites him to spend a couple nights with her, figuring that would be enough to scratch the itch.  But she finds herself opening herself up to him emotionally, something she's never done with any other man.  She also starts doing things that she's never done before such as going out in public with him and selling her work at an art show.  She worries that she's getting too dependent on having him around and that she will be hurt when he leaves, since she doesn't expect him to leave his city life behind.  She also fears getting too close because she doesn't want to take a chance on putting him through dealing with her if she ends up with her mother's disease.  I really enjoyed seeing Annie's simple life and the way that she was content with it the way it was.  I also liked how she got Rourke to slow down and enjoy things her way.  It took a lot of courage for her to make the changes she did at the end.

Rourke had left his job in the city when he had a difference of philosophies with the other partners.  He has spent the last three months working on his uncle's house and trying to decide what to do next.  I loved his reaction to Annie the first time he saw her again, and how he was so blown away by her beauty.  He also worried about her being alone with the storm coming and went to check on her.  His timing was perfect as he was able to rescue her from her fall.  He was surprised by her proposition to him that they spend a couple days enjoying each other.  He was fine with that idea at first but quickly found himself wanting more.  I really enjoyed seeing him start to relax and enjoy the peace of living Annie's simple life.  It gave him the chance to actually think about his dreams and hopes.  I loved his worry about Annie's emotional isolation and the way he tried to help her overcome it.  It was hard for him to be patient and not push but it paid off in the end.  I also enjoyed seeing his surprise at the contact from his great-aunt and what the inheritance means to him and his plans with Annie.

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