Wednesday, October 16, 2013

A Wolff at Heart - Janice Maynard (HD #2260 - Oct 2013)

Series: Men of Wolff Mountain (Book 7)

Realizing his entire life is a lie, Pierce Avery hires Nicola Parrish to find answers. Learning his father is not his biological parent is mind-blowing; discovering the desirable woman behind his new lawyer's professional facade puts him over the edge. But his growing passion for Nicola could be blinding him to her motives for getting him to embrace the truth of his past. His heart may be ready for more, but can he really trust her?

Very good book and surprise addition to the Men of Wolff Mountain series.  When Pierce tests to become a kidney donor for his critically ill father he discovers they aren't biologically related.  This is stunning news to himself and his mother (his father hasn't been told yet). Pierce's entire world has been rocked and he isn't quite sure how to deal with it.  He hires Nicola to look for the answers.  Adding to his unsettled feelings is his growing attraction to Nicola.  She has her own opinions about what he should do and they don't always match his.  

Pierce feels he has to get the answers behind his identity.  The whole idea that he isn't who he thought he was is tearing him up.  He fights his attraction to Nicola but can't deny the way she soothes his fears.  I liked the way that he thought about her past and the effect it has had on her life.  It also makes him think about his options.  Once he gets the whole story behind his birth he has to decide if he is going to contact his biological father or just bury the whole idea.  He stresses so much about it and ends up falsely accusing Nicola of interfering.  I loved the conclusion and the way things worked out for him.

Nicola has always been on her own.  Raised in an orphanage she would have loved to find out who her parents were.  When Pierce comes to her for help finding the truth about his birth she feels his pain.  She also feels an intense attraction to him that she fights at first.  She feels that they are too different to have any kind of relationship.  She can't resist the attraction for long.  Nicola also finds that she wants Pierce to contact his birth family and tries to convince him that he will regret it if he doesn't.  Even when he accuses her of interfering she can't keep from being there for him when he needs her.  I really liked the way that she empathized with Pierce's struggles and did her best to support him.  I especially loved her actions at the end.

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