Thursday, October 17, 2013

Proposal at the Lazy S Ranch - Patricia Thayer (HR #4399 - Nov 2013)

Series: Slater Sisters of Montana (Book 2)

Driving through the Lazy S Ranch after ten years away, the first person Josie Slater sees is the gorgeous-as-ever Garrett Temple The memories of her first love and her first broken heart come flooding back. 

She doesn't have time for old attractions, as the Lazy S needs her help But when a snowstorm blows in, Josie and Garrett are left stranded together. With nowhere to run, the feeling that they still belong together is undeniable....

Good story about second chances.  When Josie left the ranch ten years ago she left behind a father who had no time for his daughters and the memory of her first broken heart.  She has come back to help one of her sisters with the guest lodge they are building and to reunite with her father.  She doesn't expect to see Garrett, the one who broke her heart.  She isn't interested in starting anything new with him, she'll be headed back to California soon.  But it's hard to resist the attraction that is still strong between them.  

When Josie comes back she's not sure if she's ready to see her father.  She's been told that he's changed but she can't quite believe it.  While putting it off a little longer she drives over to see how the construction on the new guest lodge is doing and runs into Garrett.  Seeing him again makes her want to head right back to California but she's committed to helping for a couple weeks, so she can't avoid him.  She doesn't want to accept his apologies for the past, but being thrown together with him they have to deal with their past.  Part of her wants to be with him again, but their lives are too far apart for anything permanent and she doesn't want to lose her heart again.  I was a bit frustrated with Josie.  She was still angry about the fact that Garrett had married someone else and had a child, even though she was the one who had broken things off with him back then.  She had gotten mad at him because he accepted an internship that would keep him away for the summer, but be important experience for him.  I thought it was selfish of her then, and worse now because she didn't seem to see how selfish she had been and was still holding a grudge.  I did like her relationship with Garrett's son, she was very good with him.  As she and Garrett worked together their old feelings started to come back.  Josie saw that she was falling for him again, but she was still thinking inside the box about how to have a relationship with him.  I liked the way that it was Brody that came up with the perfect fix.

Garrett had moved back home with his son in order to help his father with his ranch and be able to give his son Brody more of his time.  He is also keeping his building business going.  He's given the Slaters a good deal on his work.  He is surprised to see Josie.  He has moved on past their history but still feels it's important for her to see his side of the story.  He gets pretty frustrated with her attitude but keeps it under control so that they can work together.  It doesn't take him long to realize that he's still interested in her.  He knows she's supposed to leave but hopes he can convince her that they should at least try to see if they can make it.  I loved the way that he even went back to California with her and helped her at one of her events.  He was impressed with her abilities and made sure she knew it.  His feelings deepen for her but she keeps pushing him away.  I loved the way that he and Brody teamed up to convince her to stay.

The storyline with the girls' father is moving along also.  Colt is recovering from his stroke and realizing even more how much he missed when the girls were young.  I like the way he isn't trying to force reconciliation but let Josie know that he's sorry and wants to make things different now.  I love seeing her reactions to the new Colt.  There is also an interesting development at the end of the book that I'm anxious to see how it turns out.

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