Monday, October 21, 2013

Ready, Aim ... I Do - Debra Webb (HI #1449 - Oct 2013)

Series: Colby Agency: The Specialists (Book 2)

He awoke with a ring on his finger. Only problem was Specialist Jason Grant couldn't remember a wedding. But he did recognize the beautiful woman in his Vegas hotel suite as CIA operative Ginger Olin.

Being newlyweds was the perfect cover to expose whoever was targeting Jason. Then Gin laid down ground rules. Passion and affection were for the public only. In private, it was hands off. But as Jason's hunger for his make-believe wife battled with his professional dedication, their "just for show" behavior had him yearning to make Gin his wife for real. 

Very good book as the tension for the Mission Recovery team increases.  Jason is on assignment in Las Vegas as he waits to make contact with another agent.  The last thing he remembered was having a drink that a lady had bought for him.  Now he's woken up with a ring on his finger and in bed with Gin Olin.  Gin in there to track a vial of a deadly virus that's due to be sold on the black market.  When she saw Jason acting strangely at the same time she needed some cover she used him to provide that cover.  She and Jason then agreed to maintain the illusion in order to find out who was targeting Jason and to help her with her mission.  Neither of them expected the attraction between them or the growing desire to make their Vegas marriage a real one.

I really liked both Gin and Jason.  Gin is used to working alone, but she needed some help fast when she was spotted by the man who had the virus she was tracking.  She recognized Jason and thought he'd be perfect to help her.  But when she reached him he was behaving in an uncharacteristic way.  She soon realized that he'd been drugged so it was up to her to save them both.  I loved her method which ended up with them married to each other.  Once Jason had recovered they realized they could help each other.  Gin's mission of tracking the virus was fairly simple, which enabled her to spend time with Jason while they figured out what was going on.  I loved the way that she took charge while Jason was out of it.  The next morning was fun as she teased him about their wedding, but also pretty intense as they were attacked and had to try to find out why.  I liked seeing Gin be her usual capable self while at the same time dealing with Jason's growing protectiveness.  Thanks to the stress of their situation Gin feels her attraction to Jason growing stronger, but she knows better than to fall for another operative.  I loved seeing her internal struggle as she fought her feelings.  I also liked the way that she saw that he was being set up sooner than he did.  The two of them worked together very well as they escaped several potentially deadly situations.  Her part in the ending was fantastic.

Jason was a little confused about his mission.  It is very unusual to be sent somewhere just to wait and the inactivity is driving him nuts.  He accepts the drink sent to him because the woman looks familiar and that's the last thing he really remembers.  When he wakes up in the morning in bed with and married to Gin he is stunned.  He's not so sure about her theory that he's being set up for something, but as the day goes on he has to admit that she may be right.  I liked the way that they decided the cover of their marriage will enable them to do more to find out what is happening.  Though marriage has not been in his life plan, Jason discovers that he really likes being married to Gin.  Besides the fact that they work well together, the attraction between them is amazing.  I loved the way that, in spite of knowing just how good she is at her work, Jason is very protective of her and worries about keeping her safe.  The more time he spends with her the more he thinks about making the marriage a real one.  I loved his solution at the end.

The suspense part of the book is great.  We see that Jason is definitely being set up in a way that would make the Mission Recovery team look really bad.  The only thing keeping the heat off him is the fact that being with Gin and out in public provides him with perfect alibis.  The attacks on them are pretty intense and it pushes them even closer together.  By the end of the book it is looking really bad for the head of the team as he appears to be working for the bad guy.

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