Tuesday, October 15, 2013

The Pregnancy Plot - Paula Roe (HD #2268 - Nov 2013)

His ex is back--and she wants a baby. How can any red-blooded billionaire say no to siring a child with the one who got away...? 

It's an offer Matthew Cooper can't refuse. Make a baby with his long-ago lover, AJ Reynolds? He'd like nothing better than to bed her again. The brilliant doctor has had ten years to contemplate where he went wrong. This time, he won't let her get away. 

Free-spirited AJ wants no romantic entanglements with the all-business ex-boyfriend who broke her heart. All she wants is a child. But Matt's persistent attentions weaken her resolve, threatening all her carefully laid baby-making plans....

Ten years ago Matt and AJ were in the midst of a hot and heavy affair.  They had started out wanting no commitments.  AJ's feelings started to change and she was about to tell him so when he abruptly broke things off.  When they meet again, Matt wants AJ in his bed again.  AJ doesn't want to risk her heart again, but she does want a baby.  All they have to do is find a way to make both of them happy.

When AJ sees Matt again she doesn't want anything to do with him.  She remembers the work-obsessed doctor who put everything else ahead of what they could have had together.  The attraction is still there, but she won't risk her heart again.  Then she gets some health news that puts a rush on her desire to have a baby of her own.  When an artificial insemination appointment falls through and a new one isn't available for six months, she settles on Plan B.  Matt had made no secret of the fact that he wanted her in his bed again.  She went to him and agreed, as long as she got a baby out of the deal.  I really liked AJ's determination to go after what she wants.  What she doesn't expect is to see major changes in him from the Matt she used to know.  His ability to see past her own issues to the woman underneath causes her any number of worries. She finds herself opening up about her own troubled past and telling him things she'd never told anyone else.  Her intent to keep her heart safe is slowly being eroded under his attentions.  AJ starts dreaming about what it would be like to have something permanent with Matt, but doesn't think it's possible for her with the background she has.  She still doesn't think that she is good enough for him and that he wouldn't want her for anything long term.  I liked the growing up she has done since she was with him the last time.  She has more confidence than she did before, which shows in the ladies' room scene with his ex-wife.  I also loved the scene with her parents.

When Matt saw AJ again he couldn't believe how much he still wanted her.  She walked out on him when he tried to get her to sleep with him and he figured she was still angry over their breakup.  When she came to him later with her proposition about giving her a baby, this time he was the one who was angry.  He had divorced his wife over the fact that she didn't want children, and now AJ wants him to give her a baby and then walk away.  He then decides to go along with her but also try to get her to fall for him so that he can keep her and a potential child in his life.  I really enjoyed seeing him do everything he could to woo her.  Everything he did showed just how well he knew her and what she would like.  He didn't expect their time together to have such a strong effect on him.  Thoughts of her kept creeping into his daily life even when he was working.  I really liked the changes he had made in his life and the effect those changes had on AJ. I loved the way he tried to be there for her and support her in whatever she needed. He was falling for her and fighting it all the way because he didn't want to risk his heart either.  I really liked the way that he went to her at the end.

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