Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Some Like to Shock - Carole Mortimer (HH #1120 - Jan 2013)

Series: Daring Duchesses (Book 3)


Genevieve Forster, widowed Duchess of Woollerton, knows only too well the need for bravado. After a miserable marriage she's wary, but deep down yearns to pursue temptation....

With his air of danger and elusiveness it's little wonder that Lord Benedict Lucas is known to his close friends and enemies alike simply as Lucifer. Shocking the straitlaced Ton holds no fear for him. And the pleasure will be all his as he skillfully uncovers Genevieve's outrageous side.

Very good book - I read it in one sitting, staying up way too late to finish it.  Finally free of her abusive marriage, Genevieve is ready to have some fun.  But she is still wary on the inside and not quite sure what to make of Benedict's interest in her.  She is definitely attracted to him and decides to go with her instincts and take him up on his offer to assist her.  Benedict initially just wants to use Genevieve as a cover for his agent duties, but soon finds that he is attracted to her.  He also senses that there is more to her than appears and is intrigued.

I really liked both Genevieve and Benedict.  Genevieve had been kept a virtual prisoner by her late husband and his son and was now determined to have the fun she had been denied.   I loved the way she had the ability to survive the incredible abuse she suffered but still had a happy outlook of the world.  Because of her lack of experience she finds herself in a risky situation from which she is rescued by Benedict.  I loved the way that she used his rescue to get him to help her experience some of the things she wanted to do.  I also liked the way that she was able to see past the brooding rake to the man underneath.  I also loved the way she refused to be intimidated by her stepson and continued with her plans.  I also loved her forthright way of talking to Benedict and the way she was able to be honest with him about what she wanted.  I also loved it when she was able to open up and tell him everything about her marriage, it was a real indication of their relationship.

Benedict was fantastic.  Other than a few close friendships he had been very much a loner since the murder of his parents ten years earlier.  One of the things he wants to do is find out who was responsible for their deaths.  He has also been working as an agent for the Crown keeping track of what the French are up to.  While he started out just wanting to use Genevieve as a cover he soon found that he couldn't get her out of his mind.  I loved the way that he kept trying to pull back from her but just couldn't do it.  He also found that the more time he spent with her the happier he was, an emotion he hadn't felt since his parents' deaths.  I really enjoyed seeing the way that she was also able to cure his bad moods just by being herself.  He was also very sensitive to her moods and was able to tell when something was bothering her.  I loved the way that he was there for her when she finally opened up about her past and how he was so gentle with her.  I really liked the protectiveness that came out.

The mystery did not overwhelm the romance but was well done.  The culprit was not who I expected and I loved how he was dealt with.  I loved Genevieve's actions there.  My only problem with the book wasn't with the story but with the cover.  Her hair was described several times as being red, but the cover has dark hair.

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