Saturday, February 9, 2013

Sweet Home Colorado - C. C. Coburn (HAR #1439 - Feb 2013)

Series: O'Malley Men (Book 5)

Repairing More Than Just A House

Grace Saunders returns to Spruce Lake, Colorado, to oversee the renovation of a house she's inherited-and to get away from a bad divorce. She's not planning to run into her high school sweetheart, Jack O'Malley. She has a secret she'll give anything to keep, even when it turns out that Jack's her new contractor.

Now Jack and Grace have to work together-and work at keeping their hands off each other. Grace is the same girl Jack used to know, the one he never got over. Jack's grown into a man Grace could fall in love with all over again. And the entire O'Malley clan is rooting for a romantic reunion.

But should Grace keep her twelve-year-old secret? And if she tells, will Jack ever forgive her? 

Very good book.  Grace came back to Spruce Lake to get the house fixed up and ready to rent before she goes back to Boston and her job as a pediatrician.  She didn't expect to run into Jack and certainly didn't expect to still have feelings for him.  Jack never expected to see Grace again either.  I really liked both Grace and Jack.  Grace had left Spruce Lake with a scholarship to a college in Boston.  She didn't like leaving Jack, but he had his own plans and she was desperate to get away from her parents.  Because of them she was determined to make something of herself and have the security she had never had before.  While there she married a man older than herself who ended up being emotionally abusive.  When she divorced him she swore she would never be dependent on a man again.  I loved the way that she wanted Jack and did her best to get his attention.  She initially just wanted a chance to be with him again, but soon realized that her feelings for him had never gone away.  She was still determined to leave when the house was done, but Spruce Lake started to feel like home and she was torn.  I loved the way that she so quickly became part of the town and how determined everyone was that she should stay.

Jack was pretty special too.  He had always been the one who wanted to help people.  He has done time with the Peace Corps and now uses his contracting business to help young men turn their lives around.  I love how kind and caring he is. His involvement with the guys he is training is wonderful to see. That being said he has a real problem with Grace's return.  He still loves her but doesn't want to get close because he fears getting his heart broken again.  I liked how he couldn't stop himself and ended up with his love just getting stronger.  When her secret came out he was furious and said some terrible things to her.  I really liked the conclusion and how close everyone was.

I loved Jack's family and how close everyone was.  The way they teased each other but were there when someone needed them was a perfect blend.  I also loved the solution they came up with for the old house.

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