Monday, February 11, 2013

The Texas Ranger's Daughter - Jenna Kernan (HH #1123 - Feb 2013)

Outlaws don't become Rangers

Or even suitable husbands for proper young women like Laurie Bender, the daughter of a Ranger. Big, bad Boon should know this -- he once rode with the most notorious outlaw in Texas! To redeem himself, and have a shot at a coveted Texas Ranger's star, he must now rescue this feisty little lady from his former gang.

Laurie represents everything a dangerous man like Boon can never have: she's beautiful, honorable… And when they share a stolen kiss, Boon starts dreaming the impossible.

Very good book.  It started out with a bang, with Laurie in the hands of the outlaws and needing to be rescued.  She's scared but she doesn't plan to go down easily.  Boon rides in to save her and from there they are trying to evade the outlaws.  I really liked both Laurie and Boon.  Her capture was luck on the outlaws' side and some carelessness on hers, though I'm not so sure she could have avoided it.  I liked the way she stayed alert and watchful for a chance to get away.  Even though she believed him to be one of the outlaws, for some reason she wasn't afraid of Boon and almost immediately trusted him.  At first she tried to keep to her "proper" attitudes, but as the escape went on her true self started to emerge.  I liked the way that she wasn't afraid to break out of the "properness" in order to do what was needed.  I also really liked the way that she didn't look down on Boon because of his background and some of the choices he was forced to make.  She was able to see the good man that he really was.  I liked the way that she stood her ground to care for Boon when he got injured.  I also liked that she listened to her heart and finally trusted that the things she felt were real and had the courage to go after them.  I loved the conclusion and the courage and determination she showed.

Boon was a terrific hero.  He had had a rough start in life, being the son of a prostitute who had died when he was born.  He was raised by the other women and learned early how women should be treated.  But this upbringing did make him feel he wasn't good enough for any woman.  Then when he ended up with the outlaws that just added to his feelings of non-worth.  When Laurie's father asked him to attempt the rescue Boon thought it was the perfect chance to redeem himself and maybe earn a chance to become a Ranger.  I loved the way that he was able to get her away from the outlaws and then take care of her on their escape.  Never having been around a "lady" before, he was constantly fumbling around trying to do what he thought was right.  I loved the way that he fought the attraction as long as he did, and when he did kiss her realized that he really wanted to be able to claim her as his.  I also loved the way that when he knew her secret he was able to show her that it shouldn't make any difference to someone who loved her.  I also loved his honesty with her father, even though it caused trouble for him, and the way he refused to be bought off.  He was determined to do what he thought was right for her even though it broke his heart.  His reaction to seeing her at the end was priceless and absolutely heartmelting.  I loved the character growth both showed and am looking forward to reading more by Jenna Kernan.

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