Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Deep in a Texan's Heart - Sara Orwig (HD #2246 - Aug 2013)

Series: Texas Cattleman's Club: The Missing Mogul (Book 2)

As a card-carrying member of the Texas Cattleman's Club, Sam Gordon is conservative to the core. Discovering Lila Hacket -- the woman he'd shared a passionate night with -- is carrying his baby? Heck yeah, he means to marry her! Never mind that marriage is not what she wants.

With a budding career, Lila has no intention of changing her life to become Sam's idea of the perfect wife. So if he wants their baby to wear the Gordon name, he needs to change his ideas about what he really needs from Lila…and just what he's willing to give her in return.

This is a story of two stubborn people, neither of whom wants to give up on or compromise on what they want in life.  Lila is a production designer for a movie company who is only back in her hometown because of a film she is working on.  She is also pregnant with Sam's baby and isn't looking forward to telling him.  They have opposite points of view on many things, especially the role of women.  She knows that he will try to pressure her into marrying him and giving up her job and she isn't willing to do that.  I had mixed feelings about her.  I liked the way that she went after the job she wanted and was independent enough to do it.  She was confident in her ability to be a single parent while doing the job she loved.  I had a hard time with her constant waffling around Sam.  She knew he was a chauvinist who didn't believe in women working after they were married.  He had been adamantly against women being admitted to the TCC and against the building of the childcare center.  But every time he asked her out and basically steamrollered her into agreeing, she caved in.  She was sure that she was falling in love with him but that there would only be heartache because they were too different.  She wouldn't accept his idea that they marry for the baby's sake because she refused to marry without love.  She also wasn't sure that even love would be enough to counteract such different views.

Sam was definitely an old fashioned kind of guy.  He had thoroughly enjoyed his one night with Lila and wanted more.  When she refused to take his phone calls he tried to move on but he couldn't forget her.  When she returned to town, he tried again.  He kept pursuing her, even when she told him no.  He saw that she was still attracted and figured that was enough to ignore what she said.  He kept trying to figure out why she said no, even though she explained that she didn't agree with his viewpoints and that she saw no future for them.  When he discovered she was pregnant he was even more determined to get his way, but he tried to appear reasonable to get her to go along with him.  When he finally understood what her job meant to her he backed off and tried to accept that it wouldn't happen, but suddenly realized that the reason he hadn't been able to forget her was that he did love her.  That got him thinking about her accusations and wondering if he could change enough to give them a chance.  As much as he really irritated me through most of the book, I thought he ended up making far more of a change than she did.

There was a little bit of new information on the missing TCC member, and acknowledgement that people are getting nervous the longer he is missing.  There was also some vandalism at the childcare center that hasn't been resolved.  I have a feeling I know who did it, but I guess it will be a later book before we find out.

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