Friday, March 15, 2013

Cowboy Cop - Rita Herron (HI #1390 - Dec 2012)

Series: Bucking Bronc Lodge (Book 4)


Miles McGregor had dedicated his life to justice, and with his latest arrest behind bars, the detective finally had more time to spend with his son, Timmy. Then the unthinkable happened-Timmy's mother was murdered before his eyes. Miles's only choice was to bring his little boy to the Bucking Bronc Lodge, a ranch where young boys heal....

Jordan Keys is an expert at rehabilitating children. But when it comes to Miles, she is lost. The sexy detective is harder to reach...and a whole lot less willing to try. Before long, though, a killer comes calling and Jordan witnesses the true power of Miles McGregor. And just how far he'll go to rescue them from this living nightmare.

Excellent book with non-stop action.  Miles has worked hard to get The Slasher arrested and behind bars.  Now he can take some time to spend with his son Timmy.  When Timmy's mother is murdered and Timmy is a witness, Miles doesn't know how to help his traumatized son.  So he takes Timmy to the Bucking Bronc Lodge where Jordan works to help troubled kids.  I loved Jordan, though Miles took a bit longer to grow on me.

Jordan had started working with at risk kids as a way to deal with her own feelings after losing her little brother to gang violence.  She is very patient and empathetic with the kids which allows her to reach them when many others cannot.  When she meets Timmy and Miles she can feel the pain they are going through.  She quickly connects with Timmy and feels sure that she can help him although she feels it will take time.  She senses Miles's pain, but also his anger and frustration.  She would like to help him too but he is so focused on his goal he can't see anything else.  I found her to be an incredibly strong character.  Even in the midst of being held hostage she was able to keep her head and use her skills to try to save the situation.  Her intense attraction to Miles coupled with her abilities also helped her keep him relatively calm while they were searching for Timmy.  

Miles was harder to like at the beginning.  He was so obsessed with his case that he had neglected his time with Timmy.  When Timmy's mother was murdered and Timmy traumatized by witnessing it, his guilty feelings were multiplied.  Though his love for Timmy is obvious in the way he really wants him to have the help he needs, his initial pushing of Jordan to get Timmy to talk and identify the killer made him seem insensitive.  He is surprised at how quickly Jordan connects with Timmy and more surprised to find himself attracted to her.  He tries to bury those feelings under his need to find the killer, but they keep popping up at inconvenient times.  His intense need to find the killer was understandable, but it bothered me that at times it seemed more important than Timmy was.  He also seemed prone to expecting the worst with Jordan frequently having to talk him down again.  I would have liked a little more of a positive outlook from him, but it certainly showed his increasing feelings for Jordan that she could reach him like that.  

Though we knew the bad guy from the beginning the glimpses into his thoughts certainly upped the intensity of the story.  There were also a couple twists in it that were unexpected but definitely added to the suspense.

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