Sunday, March 17, 2013

Winning Back His Wife - Melissa McClone (HR #4370 - Mar 2013)

Series: Hood Hamlet (Book 4)

Her first love...

When Sarah Purcell ends up in hospital, she's shocked to find the dreamy doc by her bedside is her soon-to-be ex-husband, Cullen Grey! Sarah's reluctantly released into Cullen's care, but he's as emotionally distant as ever, and her old insecurities bubble over. Surely the new life he's forged for himself in Hood Hamlet proves he can live without her?

Their second chance?

Caring for his wife 24/7, this time Cullen won't bury his feelings. As the tremors of their old attraction erupt, he has one thing on his mind: it's time to bring his wife back by his side-where she belongs.

Good book.  Cullen and Sarah had married after knowing each other only two days.  It took less than a year for their differences to pull them apart and when Sarah suggested divorce Cullen couldn't run fast enough.  When she is injured doing her job as a vulcanologist she is released into his care since she has no one else.  I liked both Cullen and Sarah though I wanted to shake them a few times.

Cullen and his twin brother had been pretty wild as teens.  When his brother got into drugs, Cullen tried everything he could to help his brother but nothing worked.  When Blaine died of an overdose Cullen swore he would never allow himself to be so out of control as that.  This carried over into everything in his live.  Marrying Sarah so impulsively was out of character and it worried him to the point where he started to pull away from her.  When she asked for the divorce he took it as a sign and left.  When he moved from Seattle to Hood Hamlet he felt more in control with Sarah out of his life.  Bringing her there to recover created unwanted cracks in his walls.  Over the days she was there he began to realize that he felt better when she was there than he had when she was not.  When they actually talked about their lives and their pasts he started to see that he hadn't exactly been fair to her.  I liked the way that he introduced her to his friends and started including her in things they could do together.  I loved when he got hit with the realization that they belonged together and how he was determined to act on it.

Sarah was stunned to find Cullen by her hospital bed.  She couldn't believe he was there and that he stayed the entire week she was there, helping her with her recovery.  Every day she was sure he would be packing up to go back home.  When she found out she wouldn't be able to go home alone to finish her recovery Cullen offered to have her come home with him.  This made her very nervous as she felt she had already come to depend on him too much.  She had always been very independent and self reliant because she had never been exposed to a lasting love.  Both her parents had remarried several times, and her previous romantic relationship had ended when her fiance left her on their wedding day.  As a result, she didn't trust anyone to stick around, and when Cullen left so quickly the year before she wasn't surprised.  As the days in Hood Hamlet went on she started making friends and dreaming of the possibility of a future, but afraid to hope.

I loved the way they both realized that they had made mistakes and that if they wanted a future together they were going to have to work at it.  I also enjoyed seeing the other people of Hood Hamlet and the rescue teams and am looking forward to the next one.

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