Monday, March 18, 2013

Her Man in Manhattan - Trish Wylie (HK #12 - Apr 2013)

Up close and personal-with her bodyguard!

It seems mayor's daughter Miranda Kravitz has scored herself a new and very dreamy bodyguard! Apparently the fireworks between them are scorching, but will this tabloid darling really be willing to give up her newfound taste for freedom-no matter how gorgeous Tyler Brannigan is?

Rumor has it Brannigan hates playing by the rules and has used up all his strikes with the NYPD vice squad. So now this cop's paying his dues with a temporary assignment as babysitter. If anyone can keep this Manhattan princess in check, surely it's this tough-guy detective? Hopefully handcuffs won't be necessary! 

Very good book.  I liked both Miranda and Tyler.  Miranda is tired of having to live up to the public expectations of being the mayor's daughter, and even more tired of her parents' expectations.  She has been spending an increasing amount of time ditching her security detail so that she can feel normal.  When she is saved from a potential bad situation by a mysterious and very hot guy she spends some serious time fantasizing about him.  Then she finds out that he's the new head of her security detail and a real stickler about it too.  

At first Miranda seemed a bit on the spoiled side, but I quickly saw that she was kind of stuck.  She really does love her family and wants to help her father with his campaign.  But she is also tired of not having a life of her own.  She attends so many events, but it's obvious that the ones she likes best are the ones that allow her to get close to people.  I loved the scene of her coloring with the little girl in the classroom.  Her physical attraction to Tyler was exciting to her but also scary because it was so intense.  As they spent so much time together she began to see more than the rigid bodyguard.  She also saw a man who was fighting his own demons.  I loved seeing her confusion when she met Tyler's family and how their closeness affected her.

Tyler was not happy to be assigned to bodyguard duty.  He is a narcotics cop but has been a bit of a loose cannon on his latest case, so his bosses have reassigned him for awhile.  Having spent so much time dealing with the dregs of society he tends to see the dark side of what could happen when Miranda takes off.  At their initial meeting his attraction to her warns him that he's going to have his hands full.  Trying to keep her under control turns out to be extremely difficult.  I did like the way that he realized pretty quickly that just laying out the rules wasn't going to work for her, that explanations of why would go a lot further.  He had some dark memories that were making it difficult for him to think that there was any chance of them being together.  I liked the way that he was able to open up somewhat with her but his holding back showed he still had a ways to go.  He was also able to see her vulnerabilities and wanted to do something to help her.  I loved the ending when she forced her way into his hospital room and then later when she confronted him.

I really enjoyed their interactions.  The conversations between them were fast paced and could get very intense very fast.   I also liked seeing two of the other Brannigan siblings.

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