Sunday, April 14, 2013

Cavanaugh on Duty - Marie Ferrarella (HRS #1751 - May 2013)

Series: Cavanaugh Justice (Book 24)


Esteban Fernandez only has one reason to live-and that reason vanishes when his cover is blown. As an undercover narcotics detective, Esteban wants to hunt the scum who killed his brother-and put his stepfather in prison for life. Reassigned and rootless, the brooding detective couldn't care less about the sexy cop he's now paired with...until they start finding bodies.

Kari Cavanaugh never asks for a new partner. Competent and self-contained, Kari makes the best of any situation-by herself. But when a series of murders points toward a serial killer, her scruffy new sidekick may have insights into the case. If only the heat rising between them doesn't spark its own danger. 

Excellent book.  When his cover was blown Esteban was pulled off the undercover job he'd been working for three years.  He's not happy to be working the streets again instead of going after the drug cartel and even less happy to be paired with the cheerful Kari.  The attraction that leaps between them is even less welcome.  He has spent the last three years keeping all hint of his emotions buried deep and he doesn't welcome their reappearance.  He can't stop them and as he and Kari work on a case involving a serial killer she continues to chip away at his walls.  He has been undercover for so long that he isn't familiar with the Cavanaugh way of doing things and doesn't know what to make of her attempts to get close.  When she came to him the day they met to make sure he was going to stay on with the department he couldn't understand why it mattered to her.  I loved his attempts to chase her off and his stunned surprise when she took him down.  It didn't seem to matter what he did he couldn't chase her off.  I loved his confusion about being dragged into the Cavanaugh activities and how he ended up having a good time in spite of himself.  It began to open his eyes to the things he had denied himself for so long and how much he wanted her in his life.  

Kari was a terrific heroine.  She was very good at her job and able to work alone or with a partner.  When she got paired with Esteban she could feel his reluctance immediately.  She also recognized him as the guy she'd had a crush on in high school.  I loved the way that she cornered him at home and challenged him to take a chance on their partnership.  She felt their attraction immediately and was blown away by the kiss he gave her while trying to intimidate her into leaving.  Their work together on the serial killer case put them together a lot and the attraction kept growing.  When it reached the boiling point they were pretty darn hot together.  I also loved the way that she wouldn't let him continue his loner ways but kept pulling him into the Cavanaugh circle. 

The suspense in the book was fantastic as they raced to find the killer.  I loved seeing the way that they tried to work out who he was and what led to their final decision.  The intensity of the takedown was great and definitely kept me riveted.  

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