Sunday, April 7, 2013

Project: Runaway Heiress - Heidi Betts (HD #2225 - Apr 2013)

Series: Project: Passion (Book 1)

Undercover Fashionista

When her designs keep showing up on a rival's runway, heiress and fashion designer Lily Zaccaro vows to catch the thief. She comes up with the perfect plan-run off to L.A. and go undercover as personal assistant to the other label's CEO, Nigel Stratham, aka the sexiest Brit alive.

As long work days turn into sizzling nights, Lily struggles to stay focused on her secret mission. She desperately hopes that Nigel is innocent because their relationship is anything but.  In the face of so much deception, pretty soon their newfound love is hanging on by a thread.... 

Good book with some interesting peeks into the fashion industry.  I liked both Lily and Nigel.  Lily and her sisters had their own designing business that was starting to do well.  She was furious when some of her designs showed up at another fashion house and was determined to find out who the thief was.  She came up with the brilliant idea to go undercover as the CEO's personal assistant and use the time to snoop around.  She fully expected to dislike him and discover that he was behind the theft.  She didn't expect him to be irresistibly sexy and a nice guy on top of that.  I liked the way that Lily put everything she had into her mission.  She was pretty clever to be able to take on a PA job without the experience.  The more time she spent with Nigel the more she believed he was innocent of knowing where the designs came from, but the more her guilt over her deception grew.  By the time their trip to Miami was done she knew she had fallen for him and had to find the truth and the courage to tell him about her presence.  

Nigel was a nice guy.  He knew his business and wanted to make a success of it, but was fighting the unrealistic expectations of his father.  Not being able to keep a PA wasn't helping anything.  Lily's arrival was both good and bad for him.  It was good because she obviously knew what she was doing and was able to keep up with him.  It was bad because he was intensely attracted to her and knew that sex and the workplace did not mix.  I loved the way that his growing feelings for her caused such a dent in his self confidence that he kept putting his foot in his mouth.  I didn't expect to see the awesome Brit that shook up.  When Lily came clean with him about who she was and why she was there he was hurt and furious and felt betrayed.  

I loved the way that the two of them were eventually able to overcome their obstacles.  While part of the mystery has been solved there is still no resolution.  I don't know whose story is next, Juliet or Zoe, but I think I saw a hint of things to come for Juliet.  Now if I just knew when the next book is due to come out - I hate to wait!

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