Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Her Pregnancy Surprise - Susan Meier (HR #3981 - Oct 2007)

Series: Baby on Board

From playboy to parent!

Watching her tiny daughter sleeping cradled in her arms, Grace knows she would do anything for her. Even if it means meeting with the man who broke Grace's heart--the man who doesn't even know he has a child....

Danny Carson is Grace's former boss, and he's as gorgeous and brooding as ever. Little does he realize a business trip that turned into a whirlwind affair had a surprising consequence!

Playboy Danny is about to discover he's a father....

Good book, though the blurb isn't entirely accurate.   Grace was away on a business trip with Danny and did very well on her first efforts with a new account for the investment firm.  She liked what she was doing and found herself attracted to Danny who is also the CEO of the business.  On that last night, after admitting that they liked each other, they gave into the attraction.  Danny had to go off on a week of travel and while he was gone began to have second thoughts and worry that he had been played.  When he came back he broke things off with Grace.  A couple weeks later when she told him she was pregnant he refused to believe her and accused her of trying to use him.  Devastated, she walked out and left her job.

I really liked Grace from the very beginning.  She may have been a little quick to fall for Danny but she felt that he could be the one.  She ended that weekend with Danny in a happy mood, looking forward to spending more time with Danny and getting to know him better.  She was puzzled when he stopped returning her calls and upset when he broke things off when he returned.  Two weeks later she discovered she was pregnant and went to tell him.  She was stunned when he refused to believe her and at the accusations he hurled at her.  She left her job and returned home to wait out her pregnancy.  After the baby was born she decided to confront Danny one more time, feeling it was important that he know about Sarah and that she knows her father.  After accepting that he is the father she is surprised when he tells her he wants full custody.  I loved the way that she countered with the proposal that they share custody and that he move in with her for two weeks while he gets to know Sarah and Grace decides if he's capable of giving Sarah what she needs.  I loved her calm personality and the way she was able to look behind Danny's surface attitude.  She also tried very hard to make sure that Danny had the time with Sarah to form that bond.  Though she tried to keep her own emotions out of the mix she discovered that she still cared for him.  I liked the way that she tried to be there for him and show him that she could be trusted.  I loved her method of reaching him at the end.

Danny was a little harder to like at the beginning.  He knew it was a bad idea to get involved with an employee but he did it anyway.  Then when he was away from her he allowed his doubts to take over.  I didn't like his attitude when he came back, and when Grace told him about her pregnancy his coldness and cruelty were terrible.  I understood that he had some issues he was dealing with but he was pretty over the top in the mean department.  When Grace showed up after Sarah was born, one look at the baby and he knew she hadn't been lying to him.  I didn't like the way he only seemed to see Sarah as his heir and wanted to start indoctrinating her into the business right away by taking full custody.  I loved that Grace stood up to him and gave him that counter proposal.  When he showed up at her house to start his two weeks he was still convinced she had still been deceptive about some things.  As he spent time with Grace and Sarah he started to realize that he had been wrong about Grace.  He finally opened up to her about his marriage and his son and how he felt responsible for the boy's death.  He couldn't accept Grace's position that it hadn't been his fault and felt that he didn't deserve to be happy.  I loved seeing him with Sarah and the way that he bonded with her and grew to love her.  He also realized that he had fallen for Grace but those feelings scared him with their strength so he ran.  He was still sure that she would use the information about his son to keep Sarah from hm and was stunned when she didn't.  I loved the way that he finally accepted his feelings and was able to let go of the past.  There was a lot of pain that Danny had to overcome and I loved the way that Grace was there for him throughout his stupidity.

This book was included in the same volume as A Father for Her Triplets - Susan Meier (HR #4375 - May2013)

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