Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Her Perfect Cowboy - Trish Milburn (HAR #1450 - May 2013)

Series: Blue Falls Texas (Book 1)

Her Dream Man Does Not Wear A Stetson!

Forget cowboys! Ever since she was a girl, India Pike has had an image of the perfect man: sophisticated, refined and with a preference for tailored suits. But after rodeo promoter Liam Parrish comes to town, she can't stop mooning over the gorgeous cowboy and single dad. Too bad Liam's totally wrong for her...even if the town's matchmaker already has India saying "I do."

Liam fell hard for a "froufrou" woman once before-and the best thing to come from the experience was his daughter. So he's not about to be "matchmaked" with the same type of gal, one who likes frilly dresses instead of jeans and cowboy boots. But there's something about India that draws her to Liam.

Both India and Liam admit that opposites may attract, but happy-ever-after is not so guaranteed!

Excellent book.  India has spent most of her life trying to overcome her past.  As a little girl with alcoholic, drug addicted parents she swore she would never live like that again. She escaped by reading and watching old movies and dreaming about the pretty clothes they wore.  She studied hard to earn the scholarships to get the education she needed.  Then she came home and opened her store of vintage style clothing.  She had also dreamed of meeting a man who was different than any she knew - sophisticated and more at home in suits than jeans.  Which is why she can't understand why she is so attracted to Liam, quintessential cowboy and rodeo promoter.  As she spends time with him working on the rodeo she tries to reinforce the walls around her heart, but Liam and his daughter keep chipping away at them.  Whenever she starts to think that she might take a chance she gets scared and withdraws.  She just has a hard time believing that anyone could really care for her because of where she came from.  There were so many times that her unhappiness just tore at my heart.  I loved the way that her friends were always there for her and tried to show her just how wonderful she was.  It took a lot of courage for her to finally open herself up to the possibilities that love offered her.

Liam was not impressed with India when he first met her.  All he saw was the "froufrou" and that she didn't ride or go to rodeos or do any of the things he was interested in.  His daughter's mother had been a rich sorority girl who slept with him on a bet then handed over the baby without looking back.  He had no plans to get involved with another "fancy" woman, but something about India kept him fascinated by her.  He soon realized that there was more to India than was first apparent.  He saw how hard she worked at her job.  He saw the way that she and her friends worked with young girls of the town helping them to see the things that they were capable of.  And he saw how much India cared for his daughter in ways that her mother never had.  All of these things made the attraction he felt even harder to resist.  There were times when he seemed to be just what India needed but there were other times that he too pulled back as if he were afraid of what could happen if he got too close.  Even though at one point he allowed his hurt and anger to overcome him, he came through at the end making everyone's dreams come true.

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