Friday, April 5, 2013

Royal Rescue - Lisa Childs (HI #1417 - Apr 2013)

Series: Royal Bodyguards (Book 3)


Media heiress Josie Jessup and her son have spent the past several years in witness protection, yet they are anything but safe. When her father is attacked, Josie decides it's time to return home...and walks right into a deadly trap.

Despite their tumultuous history, FBI agent Brendan O'Hannigan-Josie's former lover and the last man she wants to see-comes to her rescue. As the main reason Josie had to go into hiding in the first place, Brendan knows he has a lot to prove in order to earn her trust. But to reveal his real motive for taking on this case will destroy everything he's worked for. Josie has no idea just how important this mission is...or just how far Brendan will go to ensure their reunion remains permanent. 

Very good book, action packed from start to finish.  When Josie hears about her father's injury and heart attack she feels that she must go see him.  She hasn't seen him in more than three years and he has no idea she is still alive.  When she gets to the hospital she and her son are attacked, then Brendan comes to their rescue.  Josie was involved with him years ago when she was investigating him as the son of a mobster.  Now she has no idea whether to trust him.

I liked both Brendan and Josie.  Josie had been a very intense investigative reporter who showed a real talent for getting deep into a story.  Several years ago she had purposely gotten close to Brendan in order to snoop around into his life and try to prove the rumors about him.  She didn't expect to fall for him.  When she started receiving threats the Marshals Service faked her death and put her in Witness Protection, sure that he was trying to kill her because of things she may have found out.  Now she is desperate to see her father and make sure he is all right.  When she is attacked as soon as she tries to see him she is stunned to see Brendan coming to her rescue.  She is grateful for his help but she still doesn't know if she can trust him.  She does start to feel guilty about keeping his son's existence from him, especially when she sees the instant love between the two.  As they have to work together to escape whoever is after them, Josie begins to see that she may have misjudged Brendan, but he still has secrets that eat away at her trust.  I liked her love of her son and how hard she worked to protect him.  I also liked the fact that she didn't try to keep Brendan away from him once they were together.  I also liked the way that she kept her cool at the end and helped make things come out right. I also liked the way that becoming a mother also caused a maturing of the way she looked at things like the way she went after her stories.

Brendan was great.  I really liked the way that he was so determined to make his mission successful.  When he got involved with Josie he didn't realize at first what her job was.  Even when he did he couldn't bring himself to break things off with her and blamed himself when he thought he had caused her death.  He was stunned to see that she was alive and more so when he saw her son.  He knew that he needed to protect them and to do that he needed to be able to regain her trust.  I loved the way that his love for his son was so immediate.  Just seeing him take care of CJ and do things with him showed Josie that maybe there was more to Brendan than she had thought.  I felt so bad for Brendan because he knew he could gain Josie's trust if he could just tell her the truth but he was still worried about whether he could trust her with the information.  I loved his actions at the end and how he realized that she was all he could ever want.

The constant action in this book kept me turning the pages to see what was going to happen next.  I had my suspicions about part of the conclusion but another part was a complete surprise to me.

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