Monday, April 1, 2013

The Texan's Future Bride - Sheri Whitefeather (HSE #2256 - Apr 2013)

Series: Byrds of a Feather (Book 2)


Jenna Byrd's ready to say "I do." But the only potential groom within kissing distance is the injured stranger the Texas cowgirl spies wandering along a dusty road. The tall, dark stranger is a mystery Jenna's itching to solve-though there's no mystery about the feelings he's arousing. Only how can she fall for a man when he can't tell her who he is?

Even with amnesia, "John Doe" knows what he wants. And it's Jenna...from the moment she invites him to convalesce at her family ranch. Now J.D.'s living his dream in a fabled cabin complete with a magical featherbed-and a dream woman to fuel his most passionate fantasies.

But what happens when he regains his memory? Will he lose Jenna-and the love he's only just found?

Very good book.  Jenna is ready to settle down and have a family of her own, but she hasn't had much luck finding someone to love.  She is very organized and goal oriented, so she has made herself a list of what she's looking for in a husband.  She knows it isn't JD - the man she found wandering injured along the highway.  But she takes him home and gets him help and gives him a job there at the ranch while he recovers.  There is a strong attraction between them, but until he can remember who he is all he knows is that he has no interest in a relationship.  

I liked both Jenna and JD.  Jenna is a country girl at heart, never happier than when she's doing her work as a riding instructor there at the ranch.  She's also excited to be starting a B and B with her sister and cousin.  The only thing she feels that she is missing is a family of her own.  She has very definite ideas of what she wants in a husband.  When she comes across JD she can't just leave him wandering, so she takes him to get medical attention.  When she discovers that he doesn't know who he is she offers to let him stay at the ranch instead of going to a homeless shelter.  She feels an intense attraction to him but he states flat out that he has no interest in relationships or marriage.  This is fine with her because he doesn't fit her "profile".  While her blind adherence to her list bothered me, I liked the fact that she was willing to step outside her comfort zone and indulge herself a little.  Besides her attraction to JD she was also dealing with the new family dynamics.  A decision has to be made about whether to look for the missing woman who could be the mother of another cousin/sibling.  She also has to decide if she is ready to heal the breach with her father.  I liked the way that JD had a good influence on her while she was trying to deal with those two issues.  She then also had to cope with the fact that she was falling in love with JD, even though she knew he wouldn't stay once he regained his memory.

JD seemed to be a basically nice guy but with something in his past that his mind wouldn't let him face.  He was hesitant to take Jenna up on her offer but couldn't resist the pull he felt to her.  I liked the way that he was as honest with her as he could be about what his feelings were.  As the days went on and his body healed he could feel that there was a darkness in him that was driving him.  But he also felt better when he was with Jenna.  I enjoyed the way that they got along and how he tried to keep things honest between them.  I could tell that he was happy on the ranch but afraid of what he would find when his memories returned.  He was also happy in his non-relationship with Jenna, but also worried about what would happen when he had to leave.  When those memories did return his pain was so hard to see.  All he wanted to do was go back to running, but he also didn't want to lose Jenna.  I loved seeing how her strength and the magic of the feather bed helped him heal.

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