Saturday, April 6, 2013

Copper Lake Confidential - Marilyn Pappano (HRS #1747 - Apr 2013)

Series: Copper Lake (Book 3)

A house with a dark history

After a miscarriage and over a year in a psychiatric hospital, Macy Howard is ready to revisit her old home in Copper Lake, Georgia-a town tainted by memory.

When she returns, Macy meets Stephen Noble, an author and veterinarian, who doesn't know about Macy's troubled past. Stephen finds her irresistible, and, finally, Macy feels willing to trust another man. With her family's help, Macy packs up old remnants-eager to usher in new beginnings. Her future seems hopeful-until strange things start happening in the house: stirrings in the windows... items turning up in unexpected places...lingering scents that don't belong.

Is Macy slowly descending into madness? Or is something more sinister at work in Copper Lake?

Very good book.  This was more of a psychological suspense story than an action story and it worked very well.  I loved both Macy and Stephen.  Macy had spent months in a psychiatric hospital trying to recover from the trauma of her husband's life and death.  She had loved him, never suspecting that he was a cold blooded serial killer.  After his death and losing the baby she carried she went into a terrible depression along with panic attacks.  Now she's ready to return to her home and move on.  She meets Stephen, a veterinarian who has only been in town a few months and knows nothing of her past.  He makes her feel things she hasn't felt in a long time and he also makes her feel safe.  I loved seeing her open up with Stephen and start to lose the fear that had been haunting her.  She showed a lot of strength in her ability to go through the house and make decisions on what to do with the things that were there.  The descriptions of her thoughts and feelings were so well done that I could feel what she was going through.  When odd things started happening that made her think she was backsliding she turned to Stephen for support.  I loved the fact that she felt so comfortable with him that she was able to tell him everything that had happened to her.  

I have to say that Stephen is one of my favorite heroes ever.  Most of the time the heroes are big muscled guys who can physically take down the bad guys.  And that's fine - I love those guys too.  But it's nice to get a hero who is different, and Stephen is that.  He's a man who is not athletic, wears glasses,  and writes sci fi/fantasy on the side.  His "superhero" ability is his brain and his heart.  When he first meets Macy he is immediately drawn to her.  I loved the way that he offered to help her with anything she needed and made her feel comfortable enough with him that she turned to him when she got scared.  I also loved the fact that he didn't go searching into her past when he first met her, feeling that she deserved her privacy.  I really liked the way that he and Clary bonded right away and that he was comfortable being around her.  When Macy told him about her past she was so afraid that it would drive him away.  I loved the way that he didn't say much, just reached out and hugged her.  I loved his confidence that there was nothing wrong with her and that there was something else going on.  He used that brain of his to figure out what was going on and relieve Macy of the worry about her sanity.  The ending had a great twist to it.

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