Saturday, April 13, 2013

Inheriting a Bride - Lauri Robinson (HH #1127 - Mar 2013)

He'll get beneath every delicious layer of her disguises...

When Kit Becker travels to Nevadaville she's prepared to use any pretense necessary to discover why she must share her inheritance.

Clay Hoffman knows a thing or two about money-grabbing females, so when he finds one posing as his new ward he's determined to get beneath every delicious layer of her disguises. Discovering she's telling the truth, Clay is torn-he should be protecting her, not thinking about making her his bride! All he knows for sure is that he's inherited a whole heap of trouble!

Good book.  Kit has come to Nevadaville from Chicago for two reasons.  To find out why she is sharing her inheritance and to see if the other person is a family member.  Since the death of her grandparents the year before she has been alone - and lonely.  To protect herself from being sent back immediately by her guardian she arrives under an assumed name.  Running into Clay almost immediately she is even more determined to find this other person before Clay can interfere.  Her attraction to him only complicates things.  I really liked her sense of adventure and the way she went after what she wanted.  She was pretty clever with a couple of her disguises.  When Clay finally figured out who she was she made sure he understood why she was there and that she wouldn't be put off.  I also liked the way that she immediately felt at home there in a way she didn't back in Chicago.  When she found out who Sam was and the story behind his relationship to her she was stunned at first and then very happy.  She also found that she was so happy in Colorado that she wanted to stay there.  Her growing feelings for Clay only added to that desire.  I loved the way that she knew what she wanted and wasn't going to let Clay talk her out of it.  She had also gotten confident enough in herself that she was able to stand up for herself against his fears.

Clay was a great guy.  He had been named guardian for both Sam and Kit.  He had known Sam for several years and knew what he had to do for him.  He only knew Kit from the way her grandfather talked about her.  When she showed up in Nevadaville he wasn't expecting the attractive young woman she was and it really threw him for a loop.  Because he had been in love with a woman who decided that she didn't want to stay in such a remote place he had decided that he would avoid getting involved with another city woman.  Kit made him crazy because he found her both desirable and frustrating.  As her guardian he was supposed to be watching out for her not wanting to kiss her and keep her for his own.  I loved watching him go back and forth about what he thought would be best for her and what he wanted.  His resistance was growing weaker and she was taking full advantage of it.  The ending was fantastic with the way that she figured out the solution to their problem before he did.  I hope that we will see a story for Sam.

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