Sunday, May 12, 2013

Everything But a Dog - Holly Jacobs (Thomas & Mercer - Dec 2012)

Series: Everything But... (Book 6)

Wannabe matchmaker Nana Vancy has donned her Cupid wings once again -- this time for Dr. Della McGraw, the distant cousin of her pal Annabelle. Together with her partners in crime, Annabelle and Isabel, she concocts a clever plan to find Della her knight in shining armor. Their first stop? The local dog shelter.

When Jonah McIntosh rescues three old ladies and their narcoleptic dog, it’s just the topper for his lousy day. But things start looking up when he finds himself in the company of the lovely veterinarian Della. There’s just one teensy problem: he’s allergic to dogs.

But Nana’s convinced a happily ever after is in the cards. Can she work her magic once more -- or is this one romance that’s doomed before it’s even begun?

Great conclusion to the series.  Nana Vancy is at it again.  Her friend Annabelle wants a happy ending for her cousin Della so Nana steps up with one of her plans.  She and her friends go to the local animal shelter and adopt a couple dogs that Nana takes home with her.  First she has to convince her husband to let her keep them (he's not a dog person) and then come up with a plan to get a man involved.  Enter Jonah, who comes to their rescue and finds himself accompanying them to the vet's office.  He is certainly interested in Della, but he has just come out of a relationship and doesn't want to get involved again.  Della has also just finished a relationship, but there is no stopping Nana Vancy.  Jonah and Della find themselves going out to eat together at her instigation.  Then she comes up with a pet adoption event that she cons them into helping with.  The biggest hurdle they have to overcome, though, is that Jonah is allergic to dogs.  Every time he is around Della he starts to sneeze.

I loved both Della and Jonah.  Della likes Jonah right away, but is honest that she isn't ready for a new relationship.  I loved her reaction to the stories that Nana Vancy's family tell about her previous attempts and how she starts to see Nana's intentions.  She finds that she really likes Jonah and that they have a lot in common.  I really enjoyed seeing the way she tried so hard to make it so Jonah wasn't sneezing around her but nothing seemed to work.  

Jonah was a sweetheart.  I loved the way that he helped Nana Vancy with the dog even though he was allergic.  He was at such a loss as to how to deal with Nana Vancy and the way she just steamrollered him into going out with Della, but he didn't really mind the push.  He was so miserable when he was around her because of his allergies, but he was determined to push on through it because he liked Della so much.  I had a suspicion of what the resolution of his allergy problem was going to be, but I loved the way it all worked out.

I love the way that Nana Vancy is always so sure of herself.  She never seems to consider that she could be wrong about something and just barrels straight ahead.  She certainly has a great relationship with her husband who knows exactly what she is like but doesn't seem to work too hard at trying to stop her.  I absolutely loved the scene when she brought the dogs home with her.

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