Friday, May 31, 2013

The Deputy Gets Her Man - Stella Bagwell (HSE #2265 - June 2013)

Series: Men of the West (Book 27)


Everyone knew that Tyler Pickens was the grumpiest, most reclusive rancher in town. But Deputy Sheriff Rosalinda Lightfoot hadn't realized he was also the sexiest.... When her arson investigation brought her face-to-face with Ty, she couldn't deny the flutter his green-eyed gaze ignited. But she was wary of men with secrets-and Tyler had plenty.

Tyler couldn't deny his instant connection to Rosalinda or the feelings he'd thought long dead. But his betrayed heart wasn't so easy to heal. As the excitement heated up and secrets came to light, could Rosalinda and Tyler forget their pasts and make their own future?

Good book.  When Rosa meets Ty she's aware of his reputation as a grouch.  She wasn't expecting to want to get to know him better.  She had been staying away from any kind of involvement with a man since the end of her engagement.  The man she thought she loved hadn't been able to stand up to his ex-girlfriend and her stalking and threatening of Rosa.  Now she questions her judgement and is slow to trust anyone.  As she and Ty are thrown together on the arson investigation they also spend time getting to know each other on a personal level.  I liked the confidence that Rosa had started to build up in herself.  It gave her the will to start something with Ty.  I also liked the way that she was such a good listener.  It gave her the opportunity for Ty to tell her about his family and for her to have the courage to go with him when he needed her.  With the rapid growing of her feelings for him Rosa had to decide if she could trust him with her heart or if she was going to let her past define her future.

Ty pretty much keeps to himself.  He had left his family behind in Texas after being betrayed by his wife and brother and not getting along with his father.  He started his ranch and devoted himself to his work there.  When he met Rosa he felt a connection with her that he'd never felt before.  He could see that she was wary but he was willing to take it slow.  I liked the way that he showed respect for her abilities as a deputy but also made it clear that he was attracted to the woman.  I liked the way that he was able to tell her about his problems with his family and how her presence made his visit to them less of an ordeal.  He was actually able to realize that everything had worked out the best way it could for him.  The only thing he really did wrong was to try to rush Rosa after his declaration and not actually listen to her concerns.  I liked the way that he finally realized what he had done and made sure that he fixed it.

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