Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Protecting Their Child - Angi Morgan (HI #1423 - May 2013)


Cord McCrea was the Texas Ranger of her dreams...but their life together ended like a nightmare. They were too proud and stubborn, and there was no repairing the damage done to their family. All Kate Danver McCrea had now was the reminder he'd left growing inside her.

Now the crazed gangster who'd shattered Cord's life was a free man, and he wanted to settle some old scores. Cord would do anything to protect his ex-wife, but once she was safe, they would go their separate ways again. Only, the baby changed everything. If they could survive the perils of a west Texas winter while outmaneuvering danger at every pass, they might have a second chance. Because with a traitor in their midst, they had no one to trust-except each other. 

Good book.  The action doesn't stop from beginning to end.  So much happens that it's hard to believe that it takes place over just a few days.  Cord is still recovering from injuries he received three years ago in an ambush by the drug lord who has just been released.  It took him months just to be able to walk again.  His wife Kate had also been injured causing her to lose their baby.  Now that same criminal has threatened to kill Kate and Cord has to get to her first and protect her.

I liked both Cord and Kate but they had some serious issues to work through.  Kate knew that there was a chance that Serna would be released from jail but wasn't expecting an attack. When Cord showed up and told her they were leaving she didn't want to believe him.  As they spent the next few days on the run she was convinced.  I was really impressed by Kate's strength of will and the way she kept going.  One thing she didn't want to do was open herself up to the hurt of being shut out by him again.  Her biggest issue with him had been his unwillingness to talk to her about his feelings and the things that had happened to them.  Even though she had divorced Cord she had never stopped loving him.  

Cord was determined to protect Kate from Serna.  When he arrived at her ranch and went to find her he was stunned to discover she was pregnant.  He had been ignoring her calls and messages because he just couldn't handle talking to her or seeing her. He had never stopped loving her but felt that she was better off without him. He was suffering from a huge amount of guilt because he had been unable to protect her from the shooting that had injured him and caused the loss of their baby.  Now he was even more determined to get her to safety.  Cord was the strong silent type who saw no benefit in talking about the past.  This created a huge wedge between them and caused the end of their marriage.   Now they have to work together to evade the bad guys and survive what the elements are throwing at them.  I liked the way that Cord worked to overcome his physical liabilities in order to protect Kate.  He also came to realize that actually talking to Kate about things was not a weakness and might be the only thing that could make them a family again. 

The suspense in this book was intense.  It seemed that Cord and Kate just could not catch a break.  Throughout their ordeal the bad guys were only a step or two behind them.  I liked the way that they worked together and how that helped them survive.  They also figured out that Serna had to have at least one local person helping him.  The identity of the traitor was well hidden and I didn't figure it out until nearly the end of the book.  

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