Thursday, December 26, 2013

Made in Texas! - Crystal Green (HSE #2259 - May 2013)

Series: Byrds of a Feather (Book 3)


Donna Byrd came west to claim her inheritance-not fall for a sweet-talking, sexy-as-sin Texas rancher. The New York City magazine entrepreneur knows exactly the type of man she wants to marry...and it's not Caleb Granger. So why is she fantasizing about having his baby?

The minute he lays eyes on Donna, Caleb knows he's found the woman to share a magical feather bed-and his life. But he'll have to use his special brand of Western persuasion to woo the reluctant big-city beauty.

Now, as a shattering revelation rocks the Byrd clan, can Caleb get Donna to see beyond the boots and Stetson to the family man who can make all her dreams come true? Because the soon-to-be-mother already owns the heart of this daddy-to-be lock, stock and cowboy! 

Good book.  Donna is at the ranch to help her sister and cousin get the B & B up and running before she goes back to New York to restart her magazine career.  She has very definite idea about the kind of man she wants in her life and Caleb isn't even close.  She's a city girl and being stuck in the country isn't what she wants.  But there is something about Caleb that keeps drawing her to him, and it's not just the physical attraction she feels toward him.  I have to say that Donna's attitude toward Caleb at first bothered me.  She seemed to look down on him because he wasn't a sophisticated city man.  She wasn't happy about the attraction she felt.  I enjoyed seeing her get to know him and realize what a good man he was.  As they got closer Donna could see the trouble he was having dealing with his father's dementia and wanted to help him.  She also discovered that he had some good insights into the situation her family was facing with a previously unknown sibling.  I liked the way that she listened to what he said about cherishing the time you have with your family. She has been emotionally withdrawn from her father since her mother's death and it got worse with the revelations of why he's been estranged from his brother and father.  Even as she and Caleb got closer she wasn't thinking in terms of a future with him, but just enjoying each other while she was there.  She doesn't really believe in the foretelling qualities of the feather bed, but ends up sleeping on it and dreaming of being pregnant.  When one night with Caleb does result in a pregnancy she isn't sure what to do.  She realizes she's fallen in love with him but is afraid to risk her heart.  I liked seeing how her family issues help her to see what she really wants with Caleb.  

Caleb has worked on the ranch for years and was very close to Donna's grandfather.  He could see what reconciling the family would have meant for her grandfather and does his best to make sure she understands.  Caleb had been interested in Donna from the first time he saw her.  When he gets the chance to spend some time with her he takes it.  Even though he can see that she is resisting the idea of something between them he persists in his pursuit.  He has a pretty romantic soul and I loved the dinner that he cooked for her.  I also enjoyed seeing him step up for her when she was having problems dealing with her family.  I liked the confidence that he showed in his pursuit of her but he also has his vulnerabilities.  His father's dementia has caused his dad to be very mean and say things that make Caleb feel rather worthless.  So even though he appears very confident to Donna, he is also fighting to feel that he is good enough for her.  I loved the conclusion and seeing both of them accept their feelings and move forward together.

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