Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Navy Orders - Geri Krotow (HS #1865 - July 2013)

Series: Whidby Island (Book 2)

"Falling in love is not an order"
After a romantic betrayal, naval lieutenant commander Roanna Brandywine doesn't trust anyone the way she used to. When a chance encounter brings chief warrant officer Miles Mikowski into her life, she's intrigued. But Ro has spent so long focusing on her career, she resists the attraction.

Miles has had his own share of trauma, but it's taught him that life is short and he has to go after what's important to him. Then, unexpectedly, they're ordered to investigate a sailor's suicide. They must rely on each other as they discover that his death is not as straightforward as it seems. During their investigation, they acknowledge the chemistry between them, but the real question is whether there's trust...and maybe even love.

Very good book.  Roanna has invested a lot of time and effort into her career.  So much so that her fiance left her and married her sister instead.  She's decided to concentrate on her career now and worry about a personal life later.  When Miles rescues her mother's cat, Ro notices him but resists his invitations to go out.  Besides concentrating on her career, she doesn't date coworkers.  When they are ordered to investigate a sailor's death they end up spending a lot of time together.  She quickly notices their different way of looking at life, but it doesn't seem to affect their attraction.  Ro finds herself loosening up on her self imposed rules and going out with Miles.  In addition to their attraction they just enjoy being together, but Ro refuses to think about any possibility of a  future together.  Though she occasionally dreams of a different life she has a hard time letting go of her career fixation.  It takes a near tragedy to open her eyes to what is really important.

Miles has a somewhat different view on life.  After being injured in combat he has decided that it's time to go after what he really wants.  He was intrigued by Roanna when he first met her, but stopped asking her out after repeated refusals.  They still worked together and his interest hadn't gone away.  When they are assigned to work together their attraction grows.  Miles enjoys rattling her career focus a bit especially when their relationship starts to heat up.  He finds that being with Ro has him thinking of a future with her.  He knows he will have some resistance to overcome but he is hopeful.

I loved the working relationship between the two of them.  They really show the conflict that can come up between the operations and staff sides of the military and how each side looks at things differently.  I enjoyed the mystery of the sailor's death.  There were several threads to the man's life that had come unraveled and it was interesting to see how each one contributed to the investigation. 

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