Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Flirting With Destiny - Christyne Butler (HSE #2289 - Oct 2013)

Series: Welcome to Destiny (Book 6)

It's a tough road to recovery for Devlin Murphy after a helicopter accident leaves scars that are more than skin-deep. But there's a new girl in Destiny, Wyoming, who's got the healing touch. Sure, Tanya Reeves's approach -- acupuncture, anyone? -- makes Dev's eyes roll. The woman also makes his heart rev up like no other.

For her part, Tanya can't believe it when she first runs into this fling from her past. Dev doesn't even recognize her! Even crazier -- history is repeating itself with this irresistible man. And Tanya has to ask herself: Who's healing whom?

A moving book, but also a fun one.  Dev is still recovering from his injuries in a helicopter crash.  He has reached the point where he doesn't feel he is progressing and has just about given up hope that things will get any better.  Then he meets his friend Mac's granddaughter who is skilled with therapy, massage, and even acupuncture.  But more than that, she appeals to him on a much more basic level.  He doesn't recognize her from a brief encounter ten years earlier.  Tanya is willing to help Dev, but she doesn't want to get involved with him.  She has plans that don't include staying in Destiny.

Tanya is a woman who has a plan and doesn't want to risk derailing that plan.  She has come to Destiny to help her grandfather with his arthritis before she leaves for London.  She doesn't expect to run into Dev, who she had a one night stand with ten years ago.  She also didn't expect that he wouldn't recognize her.  When her grandfather asks her to help Dev, neither one is thrilled with the idea at first.  Tanya doesn't want to deal with the attraction she still feels for him, but she also can't stand to see him hurting.  I loved their first session of water therapy and how the old ladies kicked his butt.  Tanya is very good at deflecting his flirtations for a long time, but eventually loses her resistance.  I did like the fact that they kept it to frequent dating and some pretty heavy makeout sessions, but nothing further until near the end.  It was nice to see them getting to know each other and become friends.  Tanya also saw the guilt that Dev still carries about the accident and tries to help him past it.  Tanya also has healing of her own to do after leaving a relationship that hurt her self esteem and cost her her job.  She feels the need to make sure she doesn't repeat past mistakes by relying on someone else.  I loved the final scene at the airport.

Dev is a man who is in pain both physically and emotionally.  He has hit a wall in his physical therapy and is afraid that he will never be free of the constant pain he is in.  When he meets Tanya he is first attracted to her before he finds out that she is Mac's granddaughter.  When Mac suggests that she use her therapies on him Dev refuses flat out.  He doesn't believe in all that alternative stuff, plus he's deathly afraid of needles.  The scene where he observes Mac's treatment for his arthritis is really funny.  He really wants to get to know Tanya better, but she won't get involved with someone she's working with.  He convinces her to help him as a friend, and begins a not-so-subtle campaign to win her over.  When he finds out that they had met before he apologizes for not remembering.  He admits to her that that had been when he was still drinking and that whole time was pretty fuzzy.  I liked his strength in telling her about his problem and how well he is doing in remaining sober.  I liked the realism of showing that it isn't easy and that the temptation is still there.  I really liked the way that he paid attention to her wishes and didn't push her for more than she was willing to give.  Dev was also dealing with the apparent loss of his volunteer firefighting job, even though the fire chief isn't letting him resign.  There's a great scene with him at the end where he puts his skills to use which shows him that he isn't done yet.  I loved the part where he overcomes his fears to follow Tanya and tell her how he feels.

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