Sunday, September 29, 2013

Mountain Heiress - Cassie Miles (HI #1454 - Oct 2013)

Since quitting the rodeo circuit, Zach Sheffield hadn't much time for people, never mind city folk. A stranger had inherited a famous ranch in their Colorado town, and worse than not knowing one end of a horse from the other, he pegged Gabby Rousseau as a mustang, for sure.

Local legend said that Gabby's estate hid the Frenchman's treasure, making it a frequent target for thieves. After the first break-in, Zach knew Gabby would need protection, but the beauty from the big city was putting up a fight. He knew he was better off tending to his horses than praying for a breakthrough…but then again, Zach had never met a mustang he couldn't tame. 

Good book.  Gabby has inherited a ranch and isn't quite sure what to do about it.  She's a city girl who grew up in Brooklyn, but with her business gone she heads west.  After a wild beginning she settles in and plans to make the ranch her home.  But somebody wants her gone and has no problem making sure of it.  Zach is her closest neighbor and has made it his goal to make sure she is safe.  He knows he should stay away from her, but he just can't do it.

I loved Gabby.  She was so far out of her comfort zone when she arrived but she was determined to make it work.  She had a rough start when the girl who had been staying with Gabby's aunt started shooting at her, thinking she was a thief, and then running out into the rain to escape.  She was found by Zach who took her back to his house until things got straightened out.  Gabby was attracted to him right away.  Once she found out the terms of the will Gabby knew that she'd stay for the required three years, but someone was trying to chase her off.  She and Zach teamed up to find out who was behind the attacks.  I loved the chemistry that the two had and the influence they had on each other.  Gabby was getting more involved in the Western life style and Zach was becoming less of a loner.  I loved the way that Gabby decided to put her fashion training to use doing custom shirts.  I also enjoyed seeing the difference she made to Charlotte.

Zach wasn't sure what to make of Gabby at first.  He hadn't been looking forward to having a city girl moving in next door.  He also assumed that she was just there for the inheritance, that she hadn't actually cared about her aunt.  He soon learned otherwise and was impressed by her determination.  He was also attracted to her but fighting it. I liked the way that he came to trust her enough to tell her about his past.  When the attacks on her escalated Zach made sure that she was safe.  I liked his protectiveness when they were out doing their investigating.  He had a good eye for seeing when something wasn't right.  I loved the way that he came to her rescue at the end and also how they found the right compromise for the ranch.

The suspense itself was pretty mild.  It was pretty obvious from the beginning who was behind the trouble and why.  The only holdup was getting the proof.

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