Monday, September 23, 2013

Her Wyoming Hero - Rebecca Winters (HAR #1471 - Oct 2013)

Series: Daddy Dude Ranch (Book 3)

Rancher To The Rescue
At the magnificent Wyoming dude ranch run by Ross Livingston and two fellow ex-Marines, families of fallen soldiers find hope and healing. When lovely widow Kit Wentworth and her son arrive, Ross immediately finds himself drawn to them. Soon he's able to bring young Andy out of his shell--and touch Kit's heart as no other man has. 

But this isn't just a vacation for Kit. She is running from her domineering father-in-law--a situation Ross understands all too well. After Kit reveals her terrible secret, Ross realizes his love alone won't be enough. Charles Wentworth is a man who will stop at nothing to control his family. Can Ross convince Kit to stand her ground--and help her fend off the forces that threaten to tear them apart?

Fantastic book.  Kit is a woman in need  of a hero.  Kit married young to a man who turned out to be pretty spineless when it came to standing up to his father.  When he died overseas her life became even more difficult.  Receiving the invitation to the ranch was just what Kit needed to escape from her father-in-law.  The ranch also gave her son a chance to be a normal little boy.  Ross found that Kit was very different than what he had expected.  He is drawn to Kit in a way he'd never felt before.  He doesn't know if he can get Kit to accept his help to get away and be able to stand on her own.

Kit had married her husband when she was very young.  At the time she knew nothing of his background.  When his parents found out that he had married a "nobody" they were angry and he was constantly trying to compensate for disappointing them.  They lived with his parents in their mansion and they pretty much forced Kit to conform to their wishes.  She had no ability to stand up to them.  Her husband joined the Marines and used that as a way to escape his domineering father, leaving Kit and their son behind.  After his death, Kit's father-in-law became even more controlling.  Kit was thrilled to receive the invitation to the ranch and made plans to escape when their week was done.  She was worried about the effects that lifestyle was having on her nine year old son Andy.  When she arrived at the ranch she was amazed at the beauty of it.  She was also thrilled at the way Ross was able to connect with Andy.  The changes in her son began almost immediately under the attention of Ross.  She didn't expect the attraction she felt to him.  When her father-in-law started creating problems for her almost immediately she was afraid for Ross and his friends, knowing just how ruthless he could be.  I really loved the inner strength that Kit showed.  She was determined to escape and give her son the loving environment he needed.  She was thrilled with the changes the ranch made in him and the difference in his attitude just from being around Ross.  I liked the way that she told Ross what her life had been like for ten years. Her attraction to Ross was strong and seeing how great he was with Andy and the other kids just made her feelings grow stronger.  But she was afraid of giving control of her life to another man and kept pushing him away as anything more than their host.  I loved the way she stood up to her father-in-law at the end and how she then made changes in her own plans before going to Ross.  I loved the conclusion.

Ross was the only one of the three left unmarried.  He is somewhat envious of his friends and hopes to find someone of his own.  In the meantime he is assigned to be the host for Kit and her son Andy.  He doesn't know what to expect from Kit because of her wealthy background.  It doesn't take long for him to realize that she's nothing like what he thought she'd be.  He's impressed with her apparent joy at being on the ranch and her determination to give Andy a week to remember.  I loved the way that he connected with Andy right away.  He did a wonderful job of being able to relate to Andy and his attitude because he saw so much of himself in the boy.  I really liked how he got Kit to open up and tell him what her life had been like.  His need to help and protect her was strong and he had a bit of a hard time accepting that she wanted to do things herself.  I really enjoyed seeing him tell her what his background was and how it helped him relate to Andy.  I also loved the way he had made the decisions to live his own life and walk away from his old life.  He was struggling now with feeling like he belonged, though he did finally find a way to make his own mark on the ranch.  I liked the way that he was upfront about his feelings with Kit.  He also respected her wishes even when they went against what he wanted.  He gave her the support she needed without taking over and in the end got everything he could wish for.

The only issue I had with the book wasn't with the story or the author but with the publisher/editors.  As is the case in most of their books, Harlequin refuses to properly capitalize the word Marine when referring to members of the United States Marine Corps.  It is wrong and tends to pull me out of the story when I see it.

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