Wednesday, September 25, 2013

My Spy - Dana Marton (HI #1453 - Oct 2013)

Series: HQ: Texas (Book 2)

A mission gone wrong forced injured soldier Jamie Cassidy to start anew…and run right into the path of deputy sheriff Bree Tridle. The sassy, sexy Texan was as determined to uncover a local money-laundering scheme as Jamie was to keep her safe from the stalker hot on her trail. But Jamie, now an undercover operative, was also on a covert mission of his own: track smugglers threatening to bring terrorists into the U.S. Could Jamie's and Bree's cases be related? When a deadly attack on Bree's home escalates the danger and their attraction, Jamie and Bree must face their enemies together to save not only their country, but their one chance at love. 

Good book.  Jamie is working undercover trying to find the smugglers who are planning to bring terrorists into the country.  Unfortunately, he inadvertently ends up trying to use a counterfeit bill which brings him to the attention of deputy sheriff Bree.  She is determined to stop the counterfeiters and Jamie's story isn't adding up.  When they are ordered to work together Jamie also discovers that Bree is being threatened by a stalker.  As they worked together to see if their cases are connected they discover a much more personal connection.

I loved Jamie and Bree together.  Their initial meeting is a lot of fun as she is there when his money is discovered to be counterfeit.  Jamie is surprised that she is a deputy and not inclined to cooperate with her.  I loved the way that she uses her appearance and a sweet attitude to encourage him to do as she wants.  He's following along before he realizes what he's doing.  I loved her actions at the station and the way she surprises him with how good she is.  She is surprised at the orders she receives to let him go and is curious about his real reasons for being there.  I really liked the way that his injuries don't faze her at all.  She accepts him just the way he is.  She feels she doesn't need his help when she starts getting things from a stalker as she is quite independent and used to doing things on her own.  She is also guardian of her autistic sister.  When the actions of the stalker affect her sister she accepts Jamie's help.  She is impressed with his treatment of her sister.  She is attracted to Jamie, but has had some bad experiences with men who want her to choose between them and her sister so she has sworn off any relationships.  Jamie's acceptance of and kindness to Katie make her think that maybe she has a chance at love after all.

Jamie is working undercover when he gets caught with a counterfeit bill.  I loved his first reaction to Bree, noticing her beauty and "cheerleader perkiness".  His surprise at her being a deputy was great.  Because of his past and his injuries he tends to be a brooding and short-tempered man.  When he turns that attitude on Bree she does what she is good at which is using that cheerful attitude to get people to do what she wants.  He is surprised and not happy when he realizes that it is working on him.  His attempts to retain his undercover identity with her don't work, as she is a lot smarter at her job than he realized.  The initial scene at the police station between them is great and shows just how perfect they are for each other.  He is impressed with her abilities and surprised when she doesn't react in the usual way to the discovery of his injuries.  His attraction to her is strong but his feelings about his past cause him to reject the idea of a permanent relationship with anyone. I loved the scene in the bank when he opens up his feelings to try to connect with the shooter.  The emotions were strong and real. His connection with her causes him to step in to protect Bree and her sister from the stalker.  I also loved the way that he treated Katie, showing Bree that not all men were afraid of being with someone like her. I really enjoyed seeing the way she got under his skin.  He had to deal with his growing feelings and her work.  I loved the ending with their give and take and compromises.

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