Saturday, September 28, 2013

Trap, Secure - Carol Ericson (HI #1450 - Oct 2013)

Series:  Brothers in Arms: Fully Engaged (Book 3)

The last thing Miranda Lewis remembers is being shot…then tumbling over the balcony. When a sexy, blue-eyed stranger finds her, she has no memory of who she is or what she's doing in the jungles of Colombia.

Gage Booker risked his life in the raid on the compound, only to discover his quarry gone and an injured woman left for dead, a woman the covert operative would be a fool to trust. But her amnesia seems real -- and so does the passion exploding between them. 

Good book with some intense action.  Gage is part of a team that has raided the compound looking for an arms dealer.  What he finds is Randi, injured and with no memory of who she is or why she's there.  He's sure that she's Zendaris's mistress and wants to make sure that they get every bit of information possible from her.  But first he has to get her home alive.

Both Randi and Gage were pretty awesome.  In spite of her memory loss Randi kept a pretty good grip on herself.  She's not sure at first if she should trust Gage but he's her only option.  It doesn't take long before he wins her trust.  I really liked her confidence that Gage would find a way to save her from the crazy CIA people in Panama.  As the intensity of their danger continued Randi also felt a growing attraction to him.  They tried to convince themselves that it was just because she was dependent on him but she was sure that it was more than that, at least on her side.  She is still fighting his belief that she was Zendaris's mistress even though she is sure she was not.  I liked Randi's confidence in her own morality that she could be so sure.

Gage was not happy that his target was gone when he got to the compound.  His group has been after Zendaris for a long time.  When he finds Randi he's sure he's bagged Zendaris's mistress, thanks to a blurry photo of Zendaris with a similar woman.  He thinks she's lying about her amnesia at first and does whatever he can to try to trip her up.  By the time they reach the CIA base he's pretty sure she's telling the truth - just in time for them to be drugged and separated.  I really liked seeing everything he did to get her away safely.  He also feels a strong attraction to her, something that isn't welcome with his certainty of who she is.  He really doesn't like to think of her in that position.  Thanks to the run-in with the CIA Gage isn't sure who he can trust so avoids contacting anyone in authority to help.  As their attempts continue to restore Randi's memory Gage becomes more convinced that he was wrong.  I loved the final confrontation, though I did feel like Randi's memory return was glossed over.

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