Friday, January 18, 2013

How to Woo a Spinster - Kasey Michaels (Harlequin - Aug 2009)

Series: Daughtry (prequel)

Still unmarried at twenty-eight, Lady Emmaline Daughtry has resigned herself to spinsterhood. Then Captain John Alistair arrives at her door -- the very image of the perfect lover of her most private dreams. But can a man with a secret and a woman who's never known love find happiness together?

Good story.  Emmaline is at home, contemplating her life on her twenty-eighth birthday.  Her older brother and nephews have gone off to sail a boat that they won in a card game, ignoring her as usual.  Captain Alistair has arrived at her door bringing the news that her brother and nephews have drowned.  She is stunned and slightly disturbed by the fact that she doesn't really feel any grief.  What she does feel is an attraction to the captain.  She talks him into staying for a few days to help her with what needs to be done.  John is bowled over by Emmaline's beauty and her self possession.  He had been expecting to have to deal with a hysterical female and was pleasantly surprised by Emmaline's composure.  He was also surprised by his reaction to her.  He has been called home by the death of his father but has not told Emmaline that he is more than just a captain, enjoying getting to know her as just an ordinary man.  I really liked both Emmaline and John.  I liked the way that she was willing to pursue what she wanted as well as being able to keep her head.  John was a good man who wanted to help Emmaline, but he was also honest enough to be able to tell her his feelings quickly.  I would have liked the story to be longer as I felt that their relationship happened a bit too quickly to be realistic but I still enjoyed it. 

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