Monday, January 7, 2013

Marriage with Benefits - Kat Cantrell (HD #2212 - Feb 2013)

Her Ideal Ex-Husband

"Will you divorce me?" Those are the four little words Cia Allende wants to hear Lucas Wheeler say. Of course, they have to marry first. The gorgeous Texas real estate tycoon shuns commitment, but a six-month fake marriage will help them both. Cia can access her trust fund and build a women's shelter, and Lucas's playboy reputation is repaired. No strings. No romance. Simple.

Except it's anything but. Lucas intends to seduce his in-name-only wife. It's a battle of wills, and Cia is losing…and loving it. And now the divorce she needs is the last thing she wants….

Good book.  Cia needed this fake marriage and then divorce with Lucas in order to continue her mother's work with abused women.  Lucas needs the marriage with Cia to fix his tarnished image and fix his company.  They have no intention of allowing messy emotions to get involved.   But there is also an intense attraction that has to be dealt with.  Lucas soon starts a campaign to get Cia into his bed and she soon gives in.  Neither one will admit to there being anything between them except sex.  Cia tries to keep her emotions apart as she can't deal with the idea of any more loss in her life.  Her parents' deaths devastated her.  She also has a very jaded outlook on marriage because of her work with abused women.  She can't believe that Lucas, with his playboy ways, would be truly interested in a real marriage.  She is sure he is just in it for the challenge and will soon be bored and move on.  Lucas started out wanting the fun with no strings and an end date.  He soon discovered that being with Cia made him want to be a better man.  He decided he wanted to make the marriage permanent, but still tried to keep his emotions out of it.  I loved the way that he mostly understood Cia and did so many things for her.  He did make a couple of mistakes at the end that nearly lost him Cia but finally saw the light and won the day.  I'm looking forward to more books from her,, and hope to see one about Lucas's brother Matthew.

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