Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Immortal Heart - Julie Miller (Love Spell - Feb 1997)

Series: Lady Tech (Book 1)

BJ Kincaid was woman of contrasts. She was a computer wiz who sought comfort from teddy bears and her poodle, a child genius who'd never known adult love, a loner who secretly yearned for acceptance. Then a security leak threatened her job at LadyTech-and unexplained blackouts threatened her sanity-until the very mysterious Brodie Maxwell came to investigate.

With each new encounter, BJ discovered a man who matched her, paradox for paradox. Beneath his scarred exterior and his brusque, distant manner lay a warm and tender lover, and behind his unwillingness to open up was a man who longed for intimate contact. Most baffling of all, Brodie seemed a crusader, yet he claimed that the woman who loved him was fated to meet an evil end.

Doomed by an ancient curse or blessed by timeless love, BJ knew this was the man for her, and she vowed nothing would stop her from freeing his...Immortal Heart

Very good book.  I have had this one on my TBR for a long time and finally decided it was time to read it.  Brodie is a medieval knight who pissed off a sorcerer.  This sorcerer condemned Brodie to immortality, never being able to marry and have children and fated to tragically lose anyone he came to love.  Fast forward 800 years.  Brodie had served in the Marines with the late husband of one of BJ's coworkers.  When BJ started having problems with blackouts and stolen computer problems Emma asked Brodie to come and investigate.  Brodie is a big man, scarred from all the battles he has fought in.  He can be very intimidating, but he is also a true knight - chivalrous and caring.  He immediately senses that there is true evil at work and has to find a way to protect BJ while he investigates.  I loved the way that he was always there with what she needed, whether it was comfort or a boot in the rear.  He also found that he cared for her far more than any other woman he had ever known which terrified him for her safety.  BJ was a genius who had been isolated since she was a small child.  She was never given the chance to make friends or have boyfriends.  Her people skills are not the greatest but she would really like a chance to be normal.  When she started having the blackouts she feared for her sanity.  At first she wasn't happy to have Brodie with her 24/7 but soon came to realize that he was completely on her side.  She also trusted him quickly when he was able to pull her from the blackouts.  I loved their interactions as they got to know each other.  I liked the way that BJ was able to see the man under the scarred warrior and the way that Brodie was able to open up to BJ.  There were some interesting twists to the plot, but I was right about the identity of the bad guy.  I absolutely LOVED the final chapter.  I will have to find and read the other two related books. 

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