Wednesday, January 9, 2013

The Doctor's Dating Bargain - Teresa Southwick (HSE #2234 - Jan 2013)

Series: Mercy Medical Montana (Book 1)


Handsome doctor Ben McKnight is everything the marriageable women of Blackwater Lake, Montana, want in a man-except willing What he needs is a decoy: someone sweet and sexy to play the role of bride-to-be. Someone like the gorgeous new girl in town....

The last place Camille Halliday wants to be is Montana. But she won't be going anywhere unless she wins over the mutinous staff and salvages the business at the local hotel. So when gorgeous Dr. Ben makes his proposal-pretend to be his girlfriend in exchange for his help with her staff-she jumps at the offer. It's the answer to all her problems...until the fake hand-holding and kissing soon add up to much more than either of them bargained for!

Fun book.  Ben is trying to do his job as a doctor, but the single women in town aren't leaving him alone.  They're even faking injuries so they can pursue him at work. He thinks that if he can show them that he isn't available they will leave him alone.  Camille is stuck in Montana trying to fix what is wrong at one of her family's hotels.  She has never had to develop any kind of people skills and is having a rough time getting the employees to cooperate.  She also had a reputation as a wild child when she was younger but no one seems to be able to see that she isn't like that any more.  When Ben comes to her and offers to help her if she'll help him she can't pass it up.  It was lots of fun seeing Camille become more comfortable dealing with people and also with being in Montana.  She started out wanting nothing more than to do her job and get back to a city.  She had some serious self esteem issues because of the way her parents treated her after the death of her brother.  She felt that she wasn't able to do anything well enough to suit her father.  She also had to deal with tabloid reporters who kept trying to create scandals about her because of mistakes she made when she was younger.  Ben treated her like the intelligent woman she was which gave her more confidence in her work.  She also discovered that she was beginning to like Montana.  She also found that she was coming to care for Ben for real.  Ben was a desperate man when the pursuit by the local women started to get really out of hand.  He had been attracted to Camille from the time he met her.  Knowing that she would not be staying in Montana he felt that they could be of use to each other for the time she would be there.  He quickly found that he really liked Camille and enjoyed spending time with her.  He had fun showing her around the area and exposing her to a different kind of life.  I loved the way he was so supportive of her especially when her parents showed up and he stood up for her when her father was being a pain.  I also loved seeing him finally realize that he wanted their fake romance to be real.

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