Thursday, January 10, 2013

Native Cowboy - Rita Herron (HI #1396 - Jan 2013)

Series: Bucking Bronc Lodge (Book 5)


There was no man more dedicated to his job than Detective Mason Blackpaw. Yet when he discovers a dead body at the Bucking Bronc Lodge, he's forced to confront his moment of greatest weakness - and a reunion with the very pregnant Dr. Cara Winchester....


Cara fell for the sexy Comanche officer the moment she laid eyes on him, captivated by his loyalty and fiercely protective instincts. Their romance was brief but intense, and when it ended, he left part of him with her. Now a killer was kidnapping her patients' babies, and Mason was on the case to stop him. But how would he react once the killer targeted her...or when Mason found out her child was also his? 

Very good book with fantastic suspense.  I really liked both Cara and Mason.  Cara runs a women's clinic where she assists women who are pregnant and helps them find homes for their babies if they want to go the adoption route.  Someone has started murdering and mutilating these women and Mason is the detective assigned to the case.  He and Cara had had a brief romance before he walked away from her.  He was stunned to find her pregnant and even more so to find out that the baby is his.  Cara is very independent and had planned to raise her child on her own.  Mason had made it clear he didn't want a relationship with anyone so she hadn't told him about the baby.  Seeing him again makes her realize that she had never stopped loving him and she wanted him back in her life.  Mason had walked away from Cara because the intensity of his feelings spooked him.  He was also aware of the prejudice that still existed against Native Americans and he didn't want to expose her to that darkness.  Seeing Cara again and knowing that she is in danger shows him that he still cares about her.  He doesn't want to walk out of her life again.  He also wants to be a real father to his child unlike the man who deserted his mother.  Before he can do that he has to keep Cara safe and find the man who is targeting her.  The action never stopped from the first pages to the last.  There are some fantastic twists and turns to the mystery that really kept me guessing.  

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